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The Study of the Curriculum Policy on the Basic Education of People’s Republic of China

Author ZhangHong
Tutor YangYingXiu
School Northeast Normal University
Course The basic principles on education
Keywords Basic Education Curriculum Policy Orientation of Value
CLC G632.3
Type PhD thesis
Year 2008
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Curriculum reform of basic education is the core of education reform. Since the foundation of the People’s Republic of China, we have been adopting a government guiding reform path in the field of basic education reform. Thus, curriculum policy becomes the main impetus of curriculum reform. Because the essence of the curriculum policy is to coordinate and distribute the curriculum profit, the orientation of values of the policy will influence the result of the distribution. However, due to the defects in the structure of the policy body as well as the lack in curriculum theory guiding and procedures in the process of policy making , China’s basic education curriculum policy presents a partiality for the political and economical values in the orientation of values. It results in the loss of integrated curriculum function and the loss of curriculum justice as well as the repression of the study freedom of the educated. Hence . during the social transformation , how to build a rational value orientation so that the share of reform profit will be the most educated and the undertaking of reform cost will not go beyond the limits is the core problem that this dissertation tires to settle.This study mainly applies a cross-subject methodology to analyze the curriculum policies since 1949 so as to find the value orientation, which is hidden behind these facts.Apart from the introduction and conclusion, this dissertation is divided into five parts as followed.Chapter 1 mainly deals with the concept of the curriculum and orientation of value, which lays a foundation for the following study. Chapter 2 studies the orientation of values hidden in the curriculum policies of the basic education since 1949. Firstly, this chapter expounds the historical development of the curriculum policies since 1949 from two perspectives, that is to say, the social environment of the policy and the content of the policy text. Then it analyzes the orientation of values hidden behind these policies and points out that the partiality for political and economical value is their main features ,which is also called the social instrumental values.Chapter 3 analyzes the reasons for causing this partiality and the consequences it brings about.Chapter 4 puts forward the would-be orientation of value of the curriculum policy. Upon the basis of the illustration of the new feature of education during the social transformation, it offers the basic principle and standard for the judging of the would-be value orientations. Chapter5 explores how to build some institutions to ensure the realization of these would-be value orientations. These institutions mainly include the ethnic institution, procedure institution and profit institution.

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