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Investigation on the Chemical Constituents and Bioactivities of Ligularia Cymbulifera, Saussurea Muliensis and Lycopsis Orientalis

Author LiuChunMei
Tutor GaoKun
School Lanzhou University
Course Organic Chemistry
Keywords New compounds Lanzhou University Chemical composition Doctoral Dissertation Activity of Wolf Lithospermum Alkaloids Degree of unsaturation Formula Molecular ion peak
CLC R284
Type PhD thesis
Year 2008
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This thesis mainly describes the systematic research result of the chemical constituents of Ligularia cymbulifera(W.W.Smith)Hand.-Mazz.,Lycopsis orientalis and Saussurea muliensis.More than 100 compounds were obtained from these three plants by means of silica gel column chromatography(CC),preparative thin layer chromatography(PTLC)and recrystallization etc.The structures of 77 compounds were elucidated by spectroscopic methods:UV,IR,EIMS,FABMS,HRESIMS,1D NMR(1H NMR,13C NMR,DEPT and NOED),2D NMR(1H-1H COSY,HMQC, NOESY and HMBC),along with comparison with authentic samples or the data from literatures and chemical transformations.They were identified as monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes,triterpenes,alkaloids,sterols and benzene derivatives etc.,23 of which are new compounds.Ligularia cymbulifera is a species of the genus Ligularia(Compositae),which is a perennial herbaceous plant.16 new highly oxygenated bisabolane sesquiterpenes, and 1 new pyrrolizidine alkaloid glycoside,together with 14 known compounds,were isolated from the roots of Ligularia cymbulifera.The antimicrobial activities of some compounds were tested against Staphylococcus aureus(ATCC 25923),Escherichia coli(ATCC 25922),clinically isolated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA),and Candida albicans.On the other hand,the cytotoxic activities were evaluated against hepatoma(BEL-7402),human leukemia(HL-60),human ovarian carcinoma(HO-8910),and nasopharyngeal carcinoma(KB)cell lines.Compound 11 showed weak cell growth inhibition of BEL-7402 cell.Lycopsis orientalis is belonged to the genus Lycopsis(Boraginaceae).Many species of Boraginaceae are used in Chinese medicine to remove heat from blood,to promote circulation,to counteract toxicity,and to facilitate eruption.22 compounds were isolated from Lycopsis orientalis.Saussurea muliensis is a perennial herbage plant of the genus Saussurea DC (Compositae).The genus Saussurea DC consists of about 400 species distributed throughout Asia and Europe and about 264 species in our country.Many plants of the genus Saussurea are commonly used as tranditional Chinese medicine.6 new oleanane-type triterpenoids,along with 18 known compounds,were isolated from the flowers and roots of Saussurea muliensis.The antimicrobial activities of new triterpenoids were evaluated.The result would be a supplement for the research on bioactivity of chemical constituents in traditional Chinese medicine,helpful reference for pharmacology, chemotaxonomy and screening new medicines,and may benefit utilizing and developing the natural resources of our country.In the end of the thesis,a systemic summarization for the structures,13C NMR data,biosynthetic pathway and distribution ofpyrrolizidine alkaloids was finished.

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