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The Experimental Study of the Effects of Shenshuaibaoshen Capsule on Accumulation of the ECM in Chronic Renal Failure Rats

Author XuPeng
Tutor ZhangPeiQing
School Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Chinese medical science
Keywords Chronic renal failure Renal interstitial fibroblast Shenshuaibaoshen Capsule Collogen protein Collogenous degradation
CLC R285.5
Type PhD thesis
Year 2008
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Objective:To investigate the effect of the Shenshuaibaoshen Capsule to kidney function of adenine caused chronic renal failure rats and the influencue in degradation of ECM,and to illustrate the mechanism of Shenshuaibaoshen Capsule on delaying chronic renal failure and relieving renal interstitial fibroblast.Methods:In the experiments,the adenine caused chorinic renal failure model is adopted.It is observed for the change of the common physical order,BUN、Scr and UA in blood serum of experimental rats.HE and Situs red staining method for pathologic slice are used to observe the pathlology change of the experimental rats kidney tissue afer therapied and the phase of renal fibroblast.The protein collagenⅠ,collagenⅢ,MMP-1、TIMP-1、PAI-1 expression of in kidney tissue are detected respectively by immunohistochemistry with two steps.The expression of MMP-1mRNA is also detected by semi-quantitative RT-PCR.The activity of MMP-1 is detected by zemography.Results:The physical status and sympotum of the CRF rats are improved obviously after treating by Shenshuaibaoshen Capsule,and the BUN,Scr and UA in blood serum are reduced which has the significant difference compared with antithesis groups.The Shenshuaibaoshen Capsule reduces the expression of collagenⅠ,collagenⅢ,TIMP-1,PAI-1 protein in kidney tissue,and induces the expression of MMP-1 which has the significant difference compared with antithesis groups.The expression MMP-1mRNA is also reduced which have significant difference with antithesis groups.It also can enhanced the activity of MMP-1.Conclusions:The Shenshuaibaoshen Capsule can reduce the BUN、Scr and UA in blood serum,and improve the renal function.As a result,the chronic renal failure progess is delayed.By depressing collagenⅠ,collagenⅢ,TIMP-1,PAI-1 protein expression in renal tissue,rising the MMP-1 expression,and inducing MMP-1mRNA expression,increasing the activity of MMP-1,the collagenⅠ,collagenⅢdegradation is induced.Therefore, the renal interstitial fibroblast is relieving by Shenshuaibaoshen Capsule, and chronic renal failure progress is delayed.

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