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Infertility treatment of Chinese medicine prescription of ancient and modern literature

Author WuGuiE
Tutor XieMing
School Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course TCM Traditional Medical Formulae
Keywords Barrenness Diagnosis and treatment based on an overall analysis of the illness and the patient’s condition Method of medicine law Doctor of traditional Chinese medicine document
CLC R271.1
Type PhD thesis
Year 2008
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The problem intends to diagnose experience with the ancient times,the now medicine family as point of penetration,put particular emphasis on by collecting the past dynasties document in connection with curing barrenness comparatively all round,from whose diagnosis and treatment based on an overall analysis of the illness and the patient’s condition, medicine wields experience aspect especially in connection with method,give system arranging,is summed up as,analyse,sum up method of medicine experience treating in connection with barrenness at all time,discuss the person developing and passing changing relation,believe the exploration arranges method of medicine law from disease angle providing method learning a train of thought,modern times for barrenness clinical treat provide the new train of thought,Be an exploration high-effect method of medicine provides the experience basis.The main body of a book is composed of from two parts,PartⅠthe doctor of traditional Chinese medicine diagnoses the method of medicine modern times document for barrenness studying,PartⅡthe doctor of traditional Chinese medicine diagnoses the method of medicine ancient times document for barrenness studying.Capital is studied time having looked up the large amount of document reporting in connection with barrenness,319 documents such as collecting modern doctor of traditional Chinese medicine among them and being hit by clinical news report of Western medicine have looked up relevant barrenness 161 ancient books collect among them in connection with article 897 in total bringing method under control to barrenness.The modern document investigation is discovered,this disease gives first place to the womb and the endocrine functional disturbance because,menses,the metoarion function are incomplete,the fallopian tube blockage,womb maldevelopment are common clinically with accessories imflammation,sparse hair of amenorrhea.Doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks that disease is main since sticky,cold curdling,the sputum hinders a factor,the blood stasis waits for lead to stagnate to hinder compatriot net-like things;Yu stagnates sple en-kidney deficiency,irritability,is caused by functional disturbance according to let lack of proper care wait to arouse internal organs passages through which vital energy circu-lates, liver kidney essence among them blood is not worth being especially important.The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine cures fundamental barrenness fundamental law but summarization is to nourish kidney fostering liver tonifying spleen,drive away stagnating to spend sputum dehumidification.The main body there being no ovulation nature barrenness uses medicine to involve in growing the kidney fosters sparse liver of liver;Incomplete sex of metoarion barrenness main body uses medicine to involve in nourishing kidney warming up the sun,nourishing the blood tonifying spleen and dredging liver;Womb inner film ectopia barrenness main body uses medicine to relate to promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis and nourishes kidney;Immune barrenness main body uses medicine to relate to nourishing liver and kidney,the tonifying spleen benefit gas and clears heat invigorating the circulation of blood;Ovary cyst barrenness main body uses medicine to relate to more overcast nourishing the blood compose in reply dehumidification driving away stagnating;Fallopian tube blockage barrenness main body is use medicine to involve in driving away stagnating to exchange net-like things,soft firm eliminate a disease,sparse liver does a gas.Doctor of traditional Chinese medicine period treatment is that the waxing and waning of yin and yang according to the menstrual cycle changes the scheme interfering with monthly by stages brought forward by law and modern medicine knowledge about menses and reproduction physiology,is that after later stage the queen sea of blood is void because of classics,overcast blood is insufficient,the back,fills intensive culture blood,the tune rushes to administer to growing to nourish kidney give first place to;Ovulate to administer to grow in the earlier stage kidney back give first place to,slightly,assist product of invigorating the circulation of blood,urge a follicle to develop;The period of ovulation administers to nourish kidney exchanging net-like things giving first place to urge ovulating; Menses administers to nourish kidney fostering blood in the earlier stage,sparse assistant liver promoting blood circulation and removing obstruction in channels already has helped fertilization;Passing by scheduled time giving first place to promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis,to channel one’s actions according to circumstances,drive away stagnating to grow the new.Cause of disease examination discovers face to face ancient document middle, barrenness deals with aspect such as internal injury,diseases caused by external factors and block of wood inside and outside reason",false,mean,cold "be the major cause arousing barrenness,the insufficient and cold gas blood visitor compatriot palace is main mechanism, the cold visitor compatriot palace,compatriot palace are false cold,gas blood two emptiness is the most common syndrome.Barrenness accompanies the present symptom to deal with the department of gynaecology and the internal medicine illness category,abnormal menstruation,leukorrhagia and uterine bleeding among them are that the barrenness main part accompanied a symptom in the ancient times.What barrenness goes through the pulse elephant reaches more of 20 kinds,among them use weak,thin,unsmooth,spring pulse sees much,is a compound pulse form and much,the maximum sees among them with unsmooth weak pulse condition.The population treating barrenness is discovered with medicine analysis,Gufang making medicines compatible relates to benefit,promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis,clearing heat and expelling damp,regulates the flow of vital energy and removes obstruction toit,collect unsmooth several major kinds in the diaphoresis,the temperature,five resembles mainly all together in clearing heat in benefit,promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis,diaphoresis,the temperature,"promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis pointing out that barrenness brought the square basic structure under control in the ancient times being able to clear heat+summarizing that the temperature falls apart for benefit +".From that the group that mark of certificate theory punishes uses medicine to wade across method resembling coming,that every certificate forms method is that the kidney,the temperature sun dispel cold,the diaphoresis falls apart about that tonifying spleen benifit a gas,fostering liver growing mainly cold,the selective breeding invigorating the circulation of blood driving away stagnating,regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction toit doing much law such as stagnant,reducing phlegm clearing damp,clearing heat,but making medicines compatible the centre of gravity has applying of not fostered liver with "tonifying spleen among them,growing kidney" to be most important.The form of a drug related to by the prescription curing barrenness’s gave first place to the pill,pills among them took honeyed bolus as maximum using in the ancient times;Give first place to eating front or to be convinced on an empty stomach then in connection with the pill,after having meal take less;Give dose of method China-Israel a liquor or give water to drink meter specially to give to the most opinion down.That the outside accepts overcast family and temperature navel law in usage is the medicine characteristic content cured method in the ancient times,mostly,scattered medicine gives first place to Xinwen fragrance,have the warm scattered cold compatriot,open up dirty effects such as melting confused,unobstructed gas blood aiding to cycle and helping an efficacy of a drug to penetrate skin with method of medicine relevant.The vina can’t compare in common use, formula gives first place to nourishing overcast blood,belong to the health care liquor.That the form of a drug active constituent goes to the lavatory comparatively easy to dissolve out and take,the liquor also can dispel cold invigorating the circulation of blood;the patient may have benefit to false cold kind.The analysis discriminating mark of type combining with modern barrenness morbidity type and doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is discovered,existence is certain between west cause of disease type falling ill and doctor of traditional Chinese medicine pathogenesis syndrome relevance:There be no the ovulation type and incomplete barrenness of metoarion function without exception giving first place to deficiency of the kidney;That fallopian tube blocks nature and ovary cyst type barrenness is that the host stagnates blood in the gas stagnating;Womb inner film ectopia barrenness lies in deficiency of the kidney then mainly, annexes to have liver depression and blood to stagnate;Immune barrenness is imbalance between yin and yang mainly,goes hand in hand also with deficiency of the kidney and liver depression etc.The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine treats barrenness at all time middle after the syndrome type relating that to carries out conflation not bad find that:The ancient times barrenness had the cold visitor compatriot palace mainly,the compatriot palace was false cold,gas blood two is false,the sputum is wet shut hinder,cold curdle blood stagnates, according to allowing emptiness mean,cold-dampness shuts hinder,the kidney back is insufficient,vital essence is insufficient,taste is lacking in vital energy,liver-qi depression,fever of lying on according to Ren etc.proves,but the compatriot palace,the compatriot palace are false with cold visitor cold,gas blood two three false certificates maxima see;The modern dysgenesia certificate has mainly sticky shut hold back,the wet retardant of sputum,courage are sultry,liver stagnation of the blood stagnates,spleen deficiency of the kidney declines,liver kidney blood is false,hinder compatriot net-like things on the basis of that Ren is not worth stagnating,cold curdle blood stagnates fundamental certificate deficiency of the kidney,liver depression insufficiency of the spleen,deficiency of the kidney liver depression,sputum curdle as well as blood stagnates blood stagnates to wait for the common compound certificate;Among them,deficiency of the kidney declines,liver stagnation of the blood stagnates with spleen,the wet sputum retardant certificate sees much most.At all time cognition cardinal principle about disease syndrome is close,but blood stagnates in having the gas blood two weak,cold visitors compatriots palace to curdle with liver kidney deficiency,the sputum on common fundamental syndrome at all time biased.The medicine experience curing dysgenesia certificate distinguishing between bringing method under control has carried out the main body of a book or,doctor of traditional Chinese medicine at all time comparing,has suggested that two is false,liver depression, the sputum are wet,blood stagnates,curdle,sticky cold eight kinds syndromes type and their corresponding treating poisons method about barrenness doctor of traditional Chinese medicine kidney sun emptiness,sinister emptiness of kidney,gas blood;Experience similarities and differences had carried out analysis on at all time,the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine had cured the characteristic basis in summing up barrenness in the ancient times going ahead,experience suggesting that the person is worthy for contemporaries to draw lessons.

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