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Consumer Ethics Research

Author XuXin
Tutor CaoGang
School Central South University
Course Philosophy and Ethics
Keywords Consumer Ethics Consumer Society Moral Critique Consumer Order Harmony
CLC B82-053
Type PhD thesis
Year 2008
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"Consumer Ethics" has defined itself as the study of the moral phenomena and its laws of human consumer life, as well as regulatory system which adjusts the relationship between consumer behavior and consumer connection. Happiness is the ultimate aim of consumer ehics, and the mission of consumer ethics is to ascertain the ethical principles for the consumer practice by moral prove, moral rethink and moral critique, which can make people to plan life, to enjoy life and to create life rationally. There are rich traditional thoughts of consumer ethics in China and West, which enjoy similarities as well as different characteristics, and provide important thinking resources and theoretical resources for the building of a modern consumer ethics. The basic theme of ethics involved three kinds of basic ethical relationship of man and nature, man and man, man and himself, How to harmonize and balance these relationship is not only for their own survival and development of human, but also in the meaning of the title of ethics which is to for well-being. Therefore, the norms system of consumer ethics, the critique dimensions of consumer society and the target system of consumer order are established according as the three-dimensional. Once you understand this truth, we have not difficult to understand, if we say that happiness is the ultimate value target of consumer ethics, then the symbiosis principle of consumer ethics is to meet the moral requirement which adjusts the relationship between man and nature, the fairness principle of consumer ethics expresses a social moral requirements, and the interpretation of consumer responsibility and consumer freedom are the kind of practice trying to contain the basic value idea and the ethical principle of consumer ethics. At the same time, the issues of moral critique of consumer society include the well-being problem, the ecological problem, the poverty problem and the personal desires problem, it is the moral reality which is difficult to evade, is also a solid foundation and a good reason for which we study on consumer ethics. The target system of consumer order is in pursuit of man and nature harmony, interpersonal harmony and mental and physical harmony, which can regulate consumption behavior and become the grounds for a new consumer order. Establishment reasonable consumer order is just for human consumer life which providing the overall regulatory norms and dynamic restriction, but also the basis and the hope of consumer ethics, and we need a kind of protection of a sound social political system, economic system and cultural system, also need a value support of a wide range of cultural and moral. Clearly, now our China is in the period of modern transformation, we should not follow and chase after western consumerism culture, and we must consider what kind of "consumer" society with Chinese characteristics that we should construct under our specified cultural condition and the developing situation.

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