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Body of thinking on the

Author TangTao
Tutor ZhangZhiCang
School Nanjing Normal University
Course Marxist Theory and Ideological and Political Education
Keywords Body Thinking Body thinking Body field Perceptual field
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2008
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For a long time, under the influence of the metaphysical thinking, people all owe wisdom and cognition to the spirit or brain, and ignore the inherent relationship between the thingking and the body.This mainly reflects that people always looking upon the following concepts as an unassailable truths: The thinking is one kind of mentality state or spirit activity that exceeds the natural world, and is independent of the body with animality ,savage,and nature.The thinking that is belongs to the human brain is the senior information processing capability, and it is unrelated to the body of the most basic survival activities only. The thinking is the consciously, self-consciously and actively cognition activity, and is independent of unconscious, instinctve and passive body.Metaphysics depends on the segmentation of the body to "spirit and flesh" or "brain and body", and shields people’s understandings to thinking.The text stresses on a holistic idea of the body. Body is an organic whole including physical structure, mental structure and cultural structure. Body is the most fundamental expression of the materialist dialectics. It is the specific and miniature unity of physical and soul, material and spiritual, being and thinking, space and time,spatiality and temporality, experiential and transcendent, visible and invisible, initiative and passive, stable and precarious, nature and society, specific and generic, reality and possibility, creature and creator. Based on the holistic viewpoint of the body, we consider the discusstion of thinking that can’t break away from the body foundation. Thinking is not a kind of transcendent logic ability that is independent of the body or the pure consciousness represents to the established world. Of course, it is not also a kind of cognition activity through the brain which throws away the body and circumstances. Actually, it is just those which person’s body structure, apperceive—motility system, brain—nervous system, body intention, the impulsion of understanding, curiosity, thirst for knowledge, subconscious, emotion, limitless imagination, diverse interest, sharp intuition, free will, body field, perception field, investigate desire, express desire, vivid activity, infinite desire, creativity and non-logical thinking and with surroundings environment of symbiosis altogether become the source of people’s cognizing and intelligence, and compose the thought object world, the implement, intermediary agent, surveyor’s rod, scale, depth, motive mechanism and the chance for profoundly rethinking and sublimating.From the action, perception and speech, we expound the inherent mechanism of body thinking. Body isn’t only a natural existence of the anmality, but also a practical mode,perception method and expression system which contains history, cultures and society gene. In other words, body is not only a memory data and meaning field which storages and accumulates mankind’s experience, cognize diagram type and species consciousness, and a behavior field and perception field which carries on durative information communion and energy commutation with the external world. But also a monmentum field and rethinking field which creat, develop and renew people’s experience structure, mode of thinking and innovation ability. Thinking is rooted in the holistic body. The body’s whole structure promises the body thinking which can adopt and expand the dialectics through behavior structure, preception abstract and speech medium. And that thinking can bring the two forces into an interactive structural process. Then it will born new existence circumstances and meaning world.

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