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Xunzi honor and disgrace Thought

Author LianQing
Tutor GaoZhaoMing
School Nanjing Normal University
Course Marxist Theory and Ideological and Political Education
Keywords Xunzi Honour and Disgrace righteousness (’Yi’) rituals (’Li’) reform(’Wei’)
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2008
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Based on the original works of Xunzi,one of the most sophisticated and influential philosophers of China’s Warring States period(479-221 B.C.E.),this dissertation mainly re-annotates his ideology on Honour and Disgrace,and explores its significant value to the current moral education.Three different but related dimensions are involved concerning Xunzi’s thinking of Honour and Disgrace.Firstly,the implication of Honour and Disgrace lies in what conduct is good or bad.From its definition,it can be regarded as an objective moral standard.Secondly,Honour and Disgrace plays a social moral role,and the society applies this objective moral principle to the individual behaviours evaluation.Thirdly, Honour and Disgrace is subjective emotion of individuals.This emotion or consciousness will spontaneously form in the mind when one evaluates his conduct on the social moral standard of Honour and Disgrace.Xunzi determines Honour and Disgrace by rituals(’Li’)and righteousness(’Yi’). It is an Honour for people to abide by rituals(’Li’)and righteousness(’Yi’)and do their moral duties.Otherwise,it is a Disgrace to the moral principles.In Xunzi’s view, rituals(’Li’)can be realized by virtue of community(’qun’)and separation(’Fen’). Community(’qun’)is an Honour and non- community(’qun’)is a Disgrace. Community(’qun’)can be carried out by means of division(’Fen’).Xunzi advocates that it is honourable to give righteousness(’Yi’)priority over personal desires and interests,therefore the opposition is disgraceful.Xunzi believes it inevitable for people to pursue their own desires and interests,but on the other hand,righteousness (’Yi’)is a moral principle to be observed when people devote themselves to achieving their goals.’Shan’(Good Deeds)’ and ’Rong(Grace and Honour)exist when interests pursuing get regulated and guided by righteousness(’Yi’).The feeling of Honour and Disgrace helps to mould man to be gentleman(Junzi), regulate the social moral order and inspire man to observe moral rules.Then he embodies them in himself,consequently,he knows the Way(dao),performs good deeds,and becomes cordial.The feeling of Honour and Disgrace will also encourage people to abide by rituals(’Li’),righteousness(’Yi’)and the moral rules so that they behave themselves,which will achieve the social moral order.Xunzi believes that human nature is bad,but a man does not live for evil.Man live for good,grace and honour.Transforming bad human nature by reform(’Wei’)is the way to form appropriate view on Honour and Disgrace.In order to provide a good environment for forming the feeling of Honour and Disgrace,the nation should value rituals(’Li’)and make people to abide by the laws.On the other hand,it is intrinsic factor for forming the feeling of Honour and Disgrace to cultivate virtue by self-accumulating.

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