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Tao Xingzhi and the Social Transformation in the Republian Period

Author WuQingHua
Tutor LiuPing
School Shandong University
Course Modern Chinese History
Keywords Tao Xingzhi The Social Transformation The society of the Republic of China The society of the Republic Of China Intellectuals Liberalism
CLC K825.46
Type PhD thesis
Year 2008
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In modern times, Tao Xingzhi’s research undoubtely catch more and more attention in the academic circle. Dispite the fruitful achievements in the study of Tao Xingzhi’s lives of edution theory,education thoughts and education modernation,inadequate attention has been drwan to analsysis of how Tao Xingzhi ’social transformation has speeded up the changes of chian in modern times in the linght of the new demand of a transforming society on liberal intellectuals’culural activities and social practice.This dissertation trise to study the research an practice of Tao Xingzhi on social transformation and according to the history of social theory,for the purpose of illustrating the fate of liberal intellctuals of modern china and modern china social development.This dissertation is composed of introduction,text and conclusion. The introduction researches the social transformation in the republian period and the social transformation of modern intellectuals from the macro-aspects and outlines the object of study and the status quo in this dissertation,in order to propose new reseach perspective and the addressed issues.The text is analysesed thematically.Firstly the text researches Tao Xingzhi’s study at home,study at Nanjing and study abroad,then analyses the development of his knowledge systems and his liberal thoughts under the influence of the cultural confrontation and interaction of china and the western world.Secondly, the text researches Tao Xingzhi’s thinking and practices on the rural construction,the modernation of china,the national liberation and the constitutional democracy,then analyses the innovation of Tao Xingzhi in the republican period and completed the transformation of his role according to the change of society in The Republic of China. The auther proves that Tao Xingzhi is a social innovatist of liberal intellectuals,in order tor repeat the course of the innovated society by modern china liberal intellectuals.The conclusinon emphasizes TaoXingzhi’s libereal intellectuals position from the modern liberal intellectuals rehalilitated the society and discusses Tao Xingzhi’s political stance gradually tilted to the Chinese Communists Party withe the academia. The author pointed out that education isa tool and social transformation is a value in Tao Xingzhi’sview.Finally the author affirmed that Tao Xingzhi’s achievements and historical progress about his social transformation onl liberal stance .,fuhermore,tought that the real historical role is the liberal intellectuals social transformation.

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