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Old Historiography of New China

Author LiLingXiang
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School Shandong University
Course Historical Theory and History
Keywords the history of historiography early days of PRC positivism historical materialism modern historiography
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Year 2008
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There was a transition in the historiography of PRC in 1949-1965. The beginning of the founding of New China 17 years is a turning point in China’s historiography of 20th century. Almost every part of the historiography was changed. The revolution in politics and society also changed historiography. Political and social changes in the history of academia to promote a massive Pojiulixin: positive publicity on historical reality, vigorously promote the use of standardized interpretation of the theory of historiography, the history of large-scale start the discussion, the old historiography to be critical of. The mainstream of Chinese historiography, China gradually evolving modern times, through the historical data on the Study and Research found discuss the historiography of empirical research, historical interpretation of that change, in particular the use of the established theory to explain the history of historical research methods.Such changes reshaping of the Chinese historiography, also associated with the dogmatism and pragmatism, and other deviations.This is the existing Institute for the founding of the early historiography of China’s basic outlook. As a research, it was ordered that the new should substitute the old everywhere and completely. Every forms of non-Historical-Materialism historiography were animadverted. The Historical -Materialism historiography was advocated intensively. The historians were educated how to research history with the new way, especially with the scientific theory. Great discussions about the theory of historiography expanded all over the school. Historical-Materialism historiography changed from fringe to the mainstream. And the positivism historiography changed from mainstream to the fringe. The changing figured a new kind of historiography in China. Of course, a lot of abuse following. All of them, dogmatism and pragmatism were serious.Despite of being leaded by the exterior causation, the historiography of PRC in 1949-1966 kept something from pre-PRC. There is stability in the interior and deep-seated of historiography. The stability in learning brought a lot of contents from the historiography of pre-PRC to the historiography of PRC in 1949-1965. There is a lot of sameness in the historiography of PRC in 1949-1965 and the historiography of pre-PRC. The modern tradition of positivism from the historiography of pre-PRC also came to the historiography of PRC in 1949-1965. The modern tradition of positivism was an important part of the historiography of PRC in 1949-1965. In the founding of the early Chinese historiography has been the study, researcher way for more general overview, the lack of specific inspection; vision mainly in the study of Marxist historian and established the dominant position of the gains and losses, not pay full attention to other aspects. Study clearly inclined to highlight the founding of historiography before and after the change, given its historical continuity is not enough estimate. These studies tend to a certain extent, limited the people of the founding of the early Chinese history comprehensive, in-depth understanding. Although the external factors under the guidance of the founding of the Chinese historiography after a series of changes, but on the academic level, such changes are still based on the history of the existing level of development and research base. The founding of the early Chinese historiography continuation of the earlier part of the history and characteristics of traditional, historical research in internal and Shencengcishang maintain a certain degree of stability.The Working on the historical materials was a very important constitution of the historiography of PRC in 1949-1965.Which continue the tradition from the historiography of pre-PRC. The Working on the historical materials depended on the historian benefited from the modern positivism tradition of the historiography of pre-PRC too. The Working on the historical materials the historiography of PRC in 1949-1965 including: the reprint of the ancient books, the compilation of the materials of special subject, the deeper research methods and theory.About historical materials, after the founding of organized, large-scale historical data collation and more specialized and in-depth historical research, directly inherited the tradition of modern empirical research on historical data and historical importance. Historical materials and the deepening of the concept of specialized research, and promote the historical data of its own theory - of historical thinking, historical data and historical research be clearly distinguished from history and historical research, they are also closely associated at the same time. Affected by the modern empirical tradition, good at study of historical data historian, in this area to do a lot of practical work, played a major role.The positivism tradition in historiography was another important constitution of the historiography of PRC in 1949-1965. Which including: the emphasizing of materials and speciality in discussion; the research of special period on a base of plenty of materials; the new materials and the research of special subject. About historical research, the focus on historical data of the Study and found no longer a review had been the most prominent historians study the characteristics, but the basic historical facts and specific research has not become irrelevant, but acknowledged that the study started The first step, a historical study of the basic link. In the history of the founding of the initial study, the historical facts and empirical research in the field of research is still occupied a certain weight, and to some extent in various fields to promote the progress of the studies. Study of the History of the topic often break the original form and content of the records system, a new way of historical organizations, the historical materials on the proposed higher requirements. Before the founding of frontier history and socio-economic history is a relatively active area of research, which benefited from the recent discovery of new materials and use, while the latter with a modern social science theory. The early history of the founding of the national study to a certain extent, inherited the frontier history of mining on the characteristics of new materials, and further introduction of anthropological knowledge and methods of research in socio-economic history of extensive collection of historical materials and continuously expand on the basis of in-depth advance.From the idea of historiography, there were a lot of common grounds on the historiography with pre-PRC and PRC. Which including: the research with questions and purposes; explain the history and find course; take the history as a whole and a system.In the history of the concept level, whether it is before the founding of the modem empirical tradition, or after the founding of the Marxist historians, the history of their own problems of lack of conscious. But this does not mean that in this period of history of the concept of loss, any time and any form of historical research has the support of its theory.Before and after the founding of the historical research model although there are certain differences, but in the history and theory of history on the concept of a more things in common. Recognize the historical study of the subject, in a study of the history and significance of the pursuit of awareness of the problem. Sansishinian the 20th century Chinese historiography scholars gradually stressed that the issue of historical research should have a sense of caring and strong sense of reality in which, in the modern social sciences under the influence of Chinese society through their own understanding of the history of China’s further understanding of social reality Orientation is also widely accepted. With the reality of these issues closely related to awareness, and after the founding of historical research services to the clear demands of reality and there is no fundamental conflict.In conclusion, there were more common grounds than distinctions in the historiography with pre-PRC and PRC, in view of the whole processing of the modern historiography in China. Despite a series of changes, it will be the founding of the early Chinese history at the entire history of modern China to observe the process, we will find that their "the future" means more than the "new conversion" of change, the founding of the modern empirical tradition in the early integration and the continuation of the "New History" to reflect on this association. From a long-term sense, it also shows that from a perspective of the founding of modern Chinese historiography in the early inheritance.The historiography of PRC in 1949-1965 was just a continuing part of the modern historiography in China.

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