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From 1949 to 1981 , the China Philharmonic Creation Research

Author ZhangShaoFei
Tutor JuQiHong
School Nanjing Arts Institute
Course Chinese Contemporary Music
Keywords Chinese Contemporary Music Orchestral Music Creation Music Work Analysis Music Creation Research Appraises
CLC J609.2
Type PhD thesis
Year 2008
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This article reviewed 1949~1981 year Chinese orchestral music composition history, studies the representative works and the important document (include the creation class history and the writer work research), analyzes a number of the representative works with the research technique of the composing music technology theory, discusses and introduces the classical literature with the research technique of the historical musicology.This article thought, Wang Yiping Pixiu Dance, Wang Xilin Tone poem of Yunnan, Zhu Jian’er Festival Overture & In Memory of the Martrys for Truth, Shi Wanchun Festival Overture, Jiang Wenye Sinks Flows of Miluo River, Chen Peixun Surging emotions by Wave High, Du Mingxin Goddess of Luoshui River, He Zhanhao & Chen Gang The Butterfly Lovers, Liu Dunnan The Mountain Forest and so on, are capable of a task outstanding representative who this time orchestral music creates. Responds politics positively, the attention ways of the folk custom character and style, the emphasis national character and the serious reflection reality types and so on may summarize all works which this time orchestral music creates. The being possible be called classics music subject creation, the quite successful nationality exploration, the initiative reflection society reality, the aware pursue up-to-dateness and takes the popular popularity and so on the practices is diligently the main achievement which this time orchestral music creates. The theme content was unitary, the artistic idea loses identical, the technique utilization relatively is conservative and the creation technology still has questions and so on slight defect was relatively the main flaw which this time orchestral music created. To the Western serious music art absorption, merges with the transformation and so on is the main reference and the model which this time orchestral music creates provides. In addition, this article also the actual situation which creates by here orchestral music is the basis, to at that time and after that the specialized composing music education has made the related appraisal.Finally, this article created to 1949~1981 year orchestral musics has made the high artistic appraisal and the historical localization, thought it has splendidly completed the important task which the history entrusts with, is in a Chinese art music history important milestone.

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