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A Phonological Study of Xiangxiang Dialect

Author JiangJunFeng
Tutor BaoHouXing
School Hunan Normal University
Course Chinese Philology
Keywords Xiang Dialect Xiangxiang dialect phonological features synchronic description diachronic analysis comparison phonetic development
CLC H174
Type PhD thesis
Year 2008
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Because of many reasons,the phonological study of Xiang Dialect is not thorough.Most of the papers or discourses were restricted in the description of the phonetic characteristics of the time.The article is actually few that through describing the phonology of a tipical Xiang dialect then to discussing the phonological features of Xiang dialect.For the above reasons,this dissertation tries to have a comprehensive analysis on the phonetic phenomenon of Xiangxiang dialect.By using the following basic study methods,i.e.synchronic description,diachronic analysis and comparison with other Chinese dialect,we can undstand the phonological characteristic of modern Xiang dialect thoroughly.The dissertation is composed by the following five parts:In the first part(Chapter one),we introduce Xiangxiang dialect’s geographical features,history and makes brief comments on the research about Xiangxiang diaect since the 20thcentury.It also introduces the paper’s researching content,methods,significance,as well as the spots which have been studied and the persons who have provided pronunciation.In the second part(Chapter two),we describe the phonological systems of 11 representative dialects.In the third part(Chapter three to Chapter five),we focus the discussion on the present pronunciation and the development of the syllable initials,the rhyme and the tone,including initial groups of "MC voiced,Jing-Zhi-Zhuan-Zhangg精-知-庄-章、Fei非、and Jian见";the rhyme of "Xie蟹、,Jia假、Guo果、Yu遇、Xiao效、Liu流、Xian咸、Shan山、and Geng梗". There is a phonological comparision of 11 representative dialects in the fourth part(Chapter six).According to the phonological difference and the native’s language sense,the division of Xiangxiang dialect will be four pieces.We also describe the phonological difference of the various village of Xiangxiang dialect in this part.The fifth part(7th chapter)is a conclusion of the whole paper,which discusses the classification of Xiangxiang dialect, elaborates the pure of Xiangxiang dialect,compares Xiangxiang dialect with the other Xiang dialect,then summarizes the phonological characteristics.Finally,we discuss some special phonetic phenomenon and the features of phonetic development in the Xiangxiang dialect.

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