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Analysis and Research on Anycast Communication Models in IPv6

Author WangXiaoZuo
Tutor QianHuanYan
School Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering
Course Applied Computer Technology
Keywords Anycast communication model Anycast extension limitations Anycast security Anycast mobile support Anycast tree Anycast mobile node tree
CLC TP393.04
Type PhD thesis
Year 2007
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With the rapid development of the computer technologies and communication networks and especially the extensive application of the Internet services, Anycast has played a more and more important role as an efficient communication model. At the present time, the study of the Anycast communication model is still at the primary stage so inevitably there exist some problems in performing it. These problems need further study and analysis.This paper has deeply analyzed and studied the existing problems in the Anycast communication models and has proposed the effective communication models to solve them. The originalities and contributions of this paper are as follows:1) This paper deeply analyzes and studies the Anycast scalability and proposes an Anycast communication model to solve the scalablity problem. This model is built on the Anycast tree technology which utilizes the Unicast communication model to forward Anycast messages and adopts the Multicast communication model to manage and maintain Anycast members. In addition, this model still adopts a weight-value mechanism to dynamically select the optimal Anycast member according to the dynamical congestion of networks, which ensures the Anycast service quality;2) This paper deeply analyzes and studies the Anycast security problems and proposes a new kind of secure Anycast communication model. This model adopts the current session number ( or some integrated parameters) of an Anycast member as a measure unit, and in the meanwhile utilizes the key management technology to ensure the security of the Anycast service. This communication model solves not only the Anycast security problem but also the Anycast group management and the Anycast statlessness problems;3) This paper proposes a new kind of Anycast communication model in a mobile IPv6 network which is built on the mobile node tree technology. In this model, each mobile node has only one permanent address - the home address by which the node can perform the communication with the corresponding nodes, and when a mobile node moves from one network into another network it does not need to register itself with its home agent and not to build a tunnel to transfer data packet, or in route optimization it does not need to send an address-binding message to the corresponding nodes. In addition, this model can perform IPSec which is difficult to be implemented in the existing mobile IP communication models;4) This paper extends the k-Anycast concept in a MANET and proposes a k-Anycast communication model in an IPv6 network which allows n servers to cooperate with each other to accomplish a task. In addition, this paper proposes a concrete scheme on how to implement this k-Anycast communication model in an IPv6 network which is applied to the distributed-file downloading sevice in an IPv6 emulation environment. The experimental data prove the k-Anycast communication model’s validity, feasibility and practicability;5)At the present time, the issues of how to expand the mobility of an Ad Hoc network and how to achieve the communication between and integration of an Ad Hoc network and the next generation network in which the IPv6 and the Mobile IP technology play an important role, have attracted more and more attention. In this; situation, this paper proposes a communication model which utilizes Anycast to perform the seamless communication between an Ad Hoc network and an IPv6 network. In addition, this model also solves the existing problems in performing the communication between an Ad Hoc and an IPv6 network. The experimental data prove this model’s validity and efficiency.

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