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Studies of Swarm Simulation Biology Optimization for Production Scheduling System of Open Pit Mine and Its Application

Author YangShiJiao
Tutor GuDeSheng;DingDeZuo
School Central South University
Course Mining engineering
Keywords Open Pit Quarry Swarm Simulation Biology Evolutionary Algorithms Adaptive Network-based Fuzzy Inference System Fuzzy Programming Production Scheduling System Production Planning System Drilling and Blasting System Truck Transportation System
Type PhD thesis
Year 2007
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The production scheduling system for open pit quarry is a complex system which includes many factors,multi-layers and dynamic variation, with some characteristics such as set-up structure,randomness, multi-target and mutual coorperation of many resources.Subject to production,quality and resources,the scheduling task is to determine the development and mining plan,production technique,transportation path, circulation time,equipment operation and management control etc. Therefore,the optimization of the production scheduling system for open pit quarry is of an important implication to enhancing open pit quarry economic benefit.The modern flat management mode was introduced,and management mode of the production scheduling system for open pit quarry was constructed.The modeling and optimizing problem of production scheduling system was solved by integrating Adaptive Network-based Fuzzy Inference System(ANFIS),Total Fuzzy Programming(TFP)and Swarm Simulation Biology Evolutionary Algorithms(SSBEA)under uncertain environment.1)Theoretical studies of modeling and optimizing for production scheduling system.①ANFIS modeling studies for complex open pit quarry production scheduling system.It is difficult to set up system model which conforms to the actual system model by classical modeling method,because complex quarry production scheduling system is related to multi parameters(such as production planing system,drilling and blasting system),and there is no created function formula for its system model. This paper carried out the comparative analysis of Nerual Network and ANFIS.It has proven that ANFIS has the better fitting ability,which can effectively carry out nonlinear system modeling of multi-parameter with ANFIS based on fuzzy subtract clustering especially. ②Fuzzy modeling research for complex open pit quarry production scheduling system.The open pit quarry production scheduling system has the expensive fuzziness(such as transportation distance,unit transportation expense of truck transportation system),which is related to modeling and solving the problem of total fuzzy programming based on multi fuzzy objectives and multi constraints.It is necessary to carry out system intergation and algorithm improved.This paper has effectively realized fuzzy modeling transformation of total fuzzy programming problem through combining degree of membership function method and fuzzy decision-making criterion.③Swarm simulation biology evolutionary optimization studies of open pit quarry production scheduling system.Optimization problem of open pit quarry production scheduling system is a global optimization problem.This paper constructed swarm simulation biology evolutionary algorithm(SSBEA).The merits of all algorithms are integrated such as genetic algorithm(GA),immune algorithm(IA),particle swarm optimization algorithm(PSO),which improve global optimization algorithm performance,and take the special multi-wave ridge testing function as the example,which confirmed this algorithm superiority. Then,ANFIS modelling and optimization problem has been solved by swarm simulation biology evolutionary algorithm(SSBEA),it took the special multi-wave ridge testing function and ANFIS model optimized solution of open pit quarry productivity as the example,which confirmed validity of ANFIS-SSBEA for solving the complex system modelling and optimization problem.Iri the meantime,optimization solution problem of integrated model was solved by simulation biology evolutionary algorithm(SSBEA)for total fuzzy programming problem(TFP)based on mutli fuzzy target and multi fuzzy constraint with fuzzy coefficient.Thus the optimal satisfaction degree problem of system under the different possible level was solved,and the truck transportation system of open pit quarry was taken an example,which confirmed validity of TFP-SSBEA for solving the uncertain system modelling and optimization problem.2)Swarm simulation biology optimization studies for open pit quarry production scheduling system of Hunan Shaofeng group①By introducing modern flat management mode,the quarry production scheduling system is constructed for raw material quarry for cement in Hunan Shaofeng Cement Group,namely productive plan system of upper layer,drilling and blasting system and truck transportation system of lower layer,coordinated optimization system of middle layer.This has developed administration operation mode of quarry production scheduling system.The system is beneficial to optimizing management,optimizing feedback and optimizing running of production scheduling system.②Swarm simulation ecology optimization studies of mine productive plan system.Firstly,Cement product construction plan and ore plan system models,which is related to cement raw material mine productive plan system,are constructed by ANFIS.The optimal cement product construction plan and the main quarry production plan are solved with Swarm ecology evolution algorithm.Then,the production ore plan of different platform is constructed by total fuzzy programming,its optimal satisfaction degree problem is solved by Swarm ecology evolution algorithm under different possible level.③Swarm simulation ecology optimization studies of drilling and blasting system.According to quarry production plan,Crushing quarry cost model was set up with ANFIS.The model is related to main technological and economical parameters of different mining platform such as diameter of drill hole,over depth of the hole,space between holes, space between rows,unit consume of dynamite,the proportion of bedrock-mass rate,mining quantity of unit meter,unit power of exploring shift,meters of unit shift,exploration quantities and unit consume of material etc.It can carry out optimization solution of drilling and blasting system applied in Swarm simulation biology evolutionary algorithms subject to meet market demand.④Swarm simulation ecology optimization studies of truck transportation system.According to characteristics of the truck transportation scheduling system of cement material quarry,truck transportation scheduling system model under fuzzy environment is set up with global fuzzy coefficient programming model based on fuzzy constraint and fuzzy target.It is iteratively solved for truck transportation scheduling system with Swarm simulation biology evolutionary algorithm.Therefore,it will acquire the optimal vehicle and optimal economic benefit in different possibility level of different shift.This project has constructed Swarm simulation ecology evolution optimization algorithm through integration technology of simulation ecology algorithm.The system modeling of complexity open pit quarry production scheduling system was set up by applying ANFIS and total fuzzy progrmming technology,its optimal solution is solved by Swarm simulation biology evolutionary algorithm.This achievement was applied in production scheduling system in the Hunan Shaofeng cement raw material quarry,and the global optimization problem of the quarry production scheduling system was solved successfully,and the economic efficiency in the quarry was greatly enhanced.

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