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Study on the Forming Mechanism of SMEs’ Competitiveness and Its Managerial Countermeasures Based on the Network Organization

Author LinLiPing
Tutor HanYuQi
School Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering
Course Management Science and Engineering
Keywords enterprise strategy theory enterprise competitiveness mechanism managerial countermeasure small and middle size enterprises (SMEs) network organization cooperation and competition( co-opetition)
CLC F276.3
Type PhD thesis
Year 2007
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In this paper, the author studies the combination of network organization, a frontier topic in organizational paradigm, with the issue of small and middle size enterprises’ competitiveness, suggests and analyzes the forming mechanism of SMEs’ competitiveness in the path of network organization among enterprises, proposes some managerial countermeasures. Based on the review of the related study results from the SMEs’ occurring theory, the theory of the growth of SMEs, the origin of competitiveness theory and the network organization theory etc., this paper analyzes the characteristics of non-price competition, the characteristics of cooperation and competition between enterprises, establishes the theoretical model about dynamic advantage of products and developing competitiveness of a enterprise, proposes the co-opetition system of value creation. The author explores a theoretical model of enterprise competitiveness based on knowledge co-evolution and points out the network organizational path by which SMEs can get competitiveness. Meanwhile, in the terms of environmental adaptability and cooperative effect, does further research on promoting SMEs’ competitiveness in the view of network organization, and with the coordinated management and risk management of network, collectively composes the theoretical analysis frame about how a network organization can upgrade it’s member enterprises’ competitiveness.Main tasks as following:1. Based on the survival environment of SMEs in the latter part of transitional period after accessing to WTO, the author analyzes how the WTO rules affect enterprises non-price competition action, and based on the presupposition of game participants with limit sense, he composes the evolution game analysis for enterprises’ co-opetition.2. The author analyzes the influence to enterprise competitiveness by characteristics of enterprise competition, studies the feature of SMEs’ competitiveness. Based on the enterprise knowledge theory, the author conducts further an enterprise competitiveness model with knowledge co-evolution, and suggests the network organizational path of SMEs’ competitiveness.3. Studies the environmental adaptability of network organization and its effect on promoting the SMEs’ competitiveness. In terms of enterprise as the center of business biogeocenose, the author suggests the flexible characteristics, analyzes the function of resource convergence, the characteristics of information flow for a network organization among enterprises, and constructs a pattern of enterprise innovation by network organization.4. Presents the structure of enterprise competitiveness, and studies more about the cooperation effect on promotion of SMEs’ competitiveness. This paper analyzes the symbiosis characteristics of a network organization and it’s effect on the cooperation among enterprises, constructs a structure model for resource configuration system of a enterprise, by the means of system reliability analysis, studies the influence to informational efficiency caused by the sub-system of choosing resource in a SME due to a network organization crossing enterprises’ interface, gives a multi-person & multi-object negotiation model for the network organization of enterprises.5. Expounds the terms of restriction, contents and means of coordination when an enterprise participates in a network organization, analyzes the characteristics and efficiency of decision-making configuration in the network organization among enterprises, constructs the basic method of analyzing harmonious structure to the network organization among enterprises, and emphasizes the government’s role of helping the SMEs to develop in phase.6. Describes the characteristics of risk and it’s management process, establishes a structure system of risk to the network organization among enterprises, and proposes a module identification for risk, constructs a fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model to the risk of network organization among enterprises, presents network organizations with risk prevention and control measures, advises some measures to avoid risk when enterprises take part in a network organization, and studies the special network risk and its countermeasures for SMEs.

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