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Research on Consumer Value System of Sportswear Regarding to Chinese College Students

Author SunHong
Tutor GuQingLiang
School Donghua University
Course Textile Engineering
Keywords Customer value values consumption value system brand acknowledge sportswear
CLC F426.86
Type PhD thesis
Year 2008
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Chinese Apparel market has become to be the one of the most important international markets with the grown of China economic, residents’ income and consumption of apparel in recent years, which is attentive to many domestic and foreign enterprises. How to maintain and increase the competitive advantages of local brands has been paid more attention by business and the theoretical circle with the enlargement of the output for China sportswear market and the intensified competition.This work reviews the theories about competitive advantages, especially the customer value theory. The customer value theory is the new development advocating customer oriented concept for the marketing world in last few decades. It is resulted from the intensified enterprises competition and the strengthening consumerism awareness. The discovery of customer value is the new source of competition advantage. However, most research on customer value stress to the sensation value of customer, not to the measurement of sensation. In this study, it is necessary to develop further research on the value conduction mechanism, namely the function of expense values, based on the study of customer sensation value. What are the consumption values? The paper reviewed the theories about the consuming values and discovered that the important status and function of the values element is undoubtedly comparing to the other factors. However, most studies are limited on the general values, which could not efficiently employ into marketing. Therefore, this paper restructures the value system, places the values into the consumer value system, and investigates the restructured values integrated by the consuming behavior and the customer sensation value, namely the concrete consuming values.This topic is chosen based on the background reality of China sportswear market and the understanding of above theories.1 Main Research PurposeThis study applied marketing research integrated with the research of costumer value and values. Regarding to the competition in the China sportswear market, taking the college students, particular opinions are presented to support enterprises marketing decision. Although this study focuses on the empirical study of China college students’ sportswear expense value system, the researching and thinking method could be reference for similar subjects.2 Main Research MethodsThis work is supposed to reveal the consumers’ values focus on sportswear consumption. The crucial problems are mainly how to capture the value elements of Chinese sportswear consumption, converting these captured elements into the high reliability and efficiency of the sportswear values measurement list. Therefore, the significant and the distinguish dematerialized and quantized research are combined together based on the former customer values research results, especially the methods and thoughts from Woodruff and Roland Bag Company. Dematerialized study started from the deep interview, semi-open interview and central issue group interview with customers. Grounded theory is applied to explore the value elements of sportswear consumption for different Chinese so as to create the early embryo of value elements. Comparing to the costumer value elements table developed by Roland Bag Company. Chinese sportswear consumption value elements distribution table are conformed according to the logic mergence and vocabulary refining from the garment symbols of consumption language, which could be extended to be sportswear consumption values measurement table take China college students as the subjects. Three designed questionnaire: "general personal values", "sportswear consumption values", "self conception", are applied to analyze the reliability and efficiency to make confirmation of the action of research. Based on the questionnaire survey, the frequency statistics analysis, factor analysis, clustering analysis, interrelation analysis, variance analysis, correspondence analysis were applied.3 Main Research Results and signification3.1 Exploratory analysis on China college students’ sportswear consumption value system.3.1.1 Frequency analyzing based on questionnaire survey shows the following characteristics, mainly:①"personality" and "simple" have been the trendy, while the "stimulation" or "enthusiasm" tend to be convergent.②Pursuing "aesthetic", not departing "comfort", well balanced both sides.③Stressing on "fine reputation", "quality", "service", "credit", "practice", not only the grandeur.④Encouraging the innovation, not the unearthliness, playing down the effect of entertainment stars or idols, decreasing the fashion index.⑤"personality" is not the "self central". Social sense of responsibility and interpersonal "feeling of affinity" are both intensified.3.1.2 Factor analysis, revealing 19 value element vectors, which include "comfort", "personality", "simple", "fine reputation", "responsibility", "service", "price", "wisdom", "distinction", "enthusiasm", "stimulation", "taste", "sex difference", "quality", "vigor", "idol", "fashion", "affinity", "aesthetic" and so on. Four orientation diagrams coordinated with the average factors and the standard deviations of these 19 value elements, described the multi directional value orientation structure for China college students’ sportswear consumption.3.1.3 Clustering analysis are applied to classify the former 19 value elements, which discovered that three inferior group are classified from the college students’ consumption group based on the whole specimen data. It could be the reference of enterprise brand building for the orientation of consumption values.3.2 General personal values, self conception and demographic are lead into as three major variables for the interrelationship analysis of sportswear consumption value system.3.2.1 Firstly, the college students having their general values and existing the inferior group feature regarding to the consumption values. The contrast of fitting result between the practical and the ideal self central conception in college students are quite large, which means they have the intensified practical self-look changing intention and have the obvious inferior group divergence in the ideal self central conception.3.2.2 Correlate analysis are undertaken to verify that the obvious interrelationship exists between the sportswear consumption value system and the structure or classify of the college students’ general value, which illustrates that the inherence of restructured consumption values is still controlled by the values. Self central conception and consumption value system have the comparatively large interrelationship, which is inferior to general personal values. It is evidently that self central conception influence the consumer behavior not only directly but also indirectly by the action on expensing values in some extent. Among to nine statistic demographic indexes, "school region", "residence" and "gender" are three items significantly interrelated with sportswear consumption value system. The obvious difference of "school region" has the directly guiding significance for the district marketing policy for enterprises.3.3 The interrelationship between brand selecting behavior and the corresponding sportswear consumption value system for college students are analyzed and discovered that:3.3.1 The brands which match the general value system of China college students’ sportswear consumption have more opportunity to get larger market share.3.3.2 Regarding to 11 sample brands, five elements "enthusiasm", "price", "taste", "fashion", "idol" have significant differences, and the others are not obvious. The results illustrate that the motivation for the brand selection behavior of college students in the present market mainly depend on the difference of former five value elements. It also reflects that acknowledge of the 11 brands value has the evident distinction on the five value elements. Those 11 brands probably have the homogeneity tendency regarding to the other 14 value elements. 3.4 The insignificance of correspondence in two directions is found to be explained thoroughly by comparing the selection of college students’ sportswear brand and the one of its three clusters, which reflects that the homogenization and shortage supply of present market. This conclusion could be good reference for the market targeting and segmentation for enterprises and the relocation of brand.3.5 In conclusion the rational purchase behavior of consumer is established on the brand knowledge known from kinds of brands, and is compared by the measure of its inner consumption value system. The fitting influences the purchase decision. Consumption values play an decisive role. This study procedure is named as "The brand acknowledge of model driven by consumption values", which could provide the new idea and paradigm for enterprises to carry out the long term and effective brand management.3.6 Clothing consumption behavior is one kind of complex phenomenon, which is restrained to many variables. Therefore, the further study on the related variables and its development relations is necessary to be focused for the research of clothing consumption behavior.

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