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Study on Agricultural Industrialization Project Management

Author JingWei
Tutor HouJunZuo
School Northwest University of Science and Technology
Course Agricultural economy and project management
Keywords Agricultural industrialization project management Process management Pattern selection Mechanism construction System innovation
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2008
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The agricultural industrialization project is put forward to promote the agricultural industrialization made by the operators for the promotion of agricultural restructuring and optimization, and increasing the income of farmers. It has contributed to solve the“three rural issues”. However, it is an indisputable fact that the agricultural industrialization project funds performance is not high and the results are bad. Research from the project management angle to the agricultural industrialization project management will be helpful to enhance the agricultural industrialization project implementation of the project performance. Thus, it will be of important significance to make the financial funds support“three rural issues”yield well.At present, researches systematically studying on the unsatisfactory implement of agricultural industrialization project from project management point of view are still rare. This paper has been systematically studied the agricultural industrialization project management from the microcosmic level and macroscopic level. At the microcosmic level, agricultural industrialization project management process (include selection stage and management stage), pattern selection and mechanisms Construction have been studied. At the macroscopic level, agricultural industrialization project management system innovation has been studied.Researches in the agricultural industrialization project management process concentrate on the supporting the "leading enterprises + base" type projects. In the selection field, this paper analyzed the government’s selection to enterprises (projects), as well as the enterprises and farmers’mutual choice. In the government’s selection to enterprises, principal-agent theory has been use to analysis settings of government to the enterprise admittance condition’s hypothesis. Thus, the author thought that the government should set up the investment to base as the choice leading enterprise’s admittance condition. At the same time, this paper proofed the importance of construction of project bank from the point of view of unverified theory. Simultaneously the standard and program of project bank construction have been discussed. Above all, the author proposed that the government should strengthen the construction of project bank in order to overcome the arbitrary decision-making choices as well as to prevent rent-seeking behavior in the process of selection and to reduce and avoid mistakes in project selection. Enterprises and farmers’mutual choice reflects in the contract clause agreement. This paper set up one time game model under fixed-price situation, the increase in the penalty situation and project fund input situation. The result shows that the project input as the both side’s income can change the game equilibrium and can increase the both side’s disobey cost. If combining with the penalty cases will effectively overcome the disobey behavior caused by price fluctuation. Based on this, this paper put forward for the first time that the agricultural industrialization project’s free funds should be fully or partly give farmers as a transfer payment of the financial supporting agriculture funds. The project funds take the enterprise and peasant household’s special-purpose investment may guarantee improving compliance rate. Empirical data on the theoretical analysis was verified too.In the management field, government’s daily inspection and county level rendered an account system has been analyzed in theory. In the article, a mixed strategy game model of government’s daily inspection to enterprises has been established and the solution has been carried on. The result showed that: (1) the probability of enterprises’choosing according to the plan implementation of project reduces along with the government’s supervision cost increases; (2) the project fund obtained by enterprises is bigger, the enterprises are more likely to carry out project according to the plan; (3) the enterprise’s production costs of the greater proportion of project funding, the government more needs to strengthen the inspection. Based on the above conclusion’s analysis, suggested that the government should strengthen the inspection of the project, particularly strengthens the inspection to the project funding of less investment projects (often undertook by small and medium-sized enterprise).Principal-agent model has been used to analyze county level render an account system in theory. Results showed that the frequency of render an account (progress factor) are positive relevant to social benefit factor but negative relevant to coefficient of information asymmetry. For those enterprises who create larger social benefits, the government should speed up the progress of render an account (increase the frequency of render an account), but for those enterprises of high degree of information asymmetry, government need to strengthen the inspection and supervision before render an account and the payment of funds (that is, reduce the frequency of render an account). The daily supervision and inspection combining with render an account system can guarantee a smooth implement of project according to the plan. Therefore, the government should step up the intensity of daily inspection and strictly abide by the county level render an account system. Simultaneously the government and the enterprises should be encouraged to keep in close touch in order to reduce the degree of information asymmetry.In the agricultural industrialization project management pattern selection aspect, on the base of several main kinds of domestic and foreign government investment project management pattern (is mainly the DBB pattern and agent system), according to the principle and standard of pattern selection, this article proposed that agricultural industrialization project management pattern should adopt project legal person system combining with agent system pattern on the basis of classified to the project:(1) the subsidy type projects should adopt the agent system pattern;(2) the non-subsidy type projects should adopt the“project legal person system + agent system”pattern.In the agricultural industrialization project management mechanism construction aspect, this paper for the first time introduced participatory method into agricultural industrialization project management, and then proposed participatory method-oriented agricultural industrialization project management mechanism and discussed its main content and implementation steps, also carried on case analysis. Then the author proposed that the participation of farmers should be made to the most fundamental basis of assessment, inspection and check before acceptance.In the agricultural industrialization project management system innovation aspect, from strengthen the building of laws and regulations and agricultural industrialization project investment policy innovation aspects, the following policy suggestion has been made:(1) in strengthening the related laws and regulations construction aspect, proposed three policy suggestions: through the agricultural legislation guarantees the steady growth of agricultural industrialization project fund and the investment behavior of government agricultural industrialization project; refers to the experience of overseas project management, formulate project management related laws and regulations; should speed up the formulation of agricultural trading contracts in laws and regulations, improve and standardize the contract.(2) in agricultural industrialization project investment policy innovation aspect, proposed the policy suggestion of integration of project funds,to respect and display farmer’s main body status in project, to increase support to leading enterprises, to guarantee the agricultural industrialization project fund increasing in the total quantity increases.Through above several aspects’analysis, this article put forward related policy suggestions to improve the achievements of agricultural industrialization project, and aimed at insufficiency, pointed out next step of the study direction.

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