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Efficiency Research on Farmers’ Specialized Cooperative in China

Author LiuLiXia
Tutor HanXiPing
School Jilin University
Course Marxist Theory and Ideological and Political Education
Keywords farmers’ specialized cooperative social network not completely common interest game behavior and motive data-envelope analysis
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2008
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An efficient economic organization is the key to economic growth. Farmers’ specialized cooperative is the effective organization system that how to resolve the contradictions between home production and socialized production and represent the development of modern agriculture. But, the development of farmers’ specialized cooperative in china cannot meet the developing requirements of agricultural market-orientating still. Analysis on the generalized efficiency, lacking base, restrictions in the internal and external relationships of the organizations growth has become the most important factor that hinders the development of farmer’ cooperative. In the management process of farmers’ specialized cooperative, how to recognize the influence of these problems to organization, and makes the farmers’ specialized cooperative to raise the disposition resources efficiency, dodges the market risk, maximized output and increasing income, has become the research subject which urgently awaits to be solved. This article is precisely to carry on related research to farmers’ specialized cooperative based on the background, the mainly research contents and conclusions may be summarized as follows:1. Exordium. Introduce the background, objective, significance, reviews of research on cooperative at home and abroad, contents, method, innovation.2. Outlines the basic principle of the cooperative research: cooperation theory of Marxism and advanced western theory related cooperative: social network theory, resources dependency theory, organization theory, system innovation theory, game theory etc.3. General analysis for farmers’ specialized cooperative. This article reviewed the development history of the peasants’ cooperation, discriminated interrelated concepts of farmers" specialized cooperative, and property, characteristics, function, analyses the basic conditions on the development of farmers’ specialty cooperative, finally, discussed present situation and problem. The analysis said that the development of farmers’ cooperation in china still in the early stages, experience obviously inadequate; There are some concerns in farmers thinking from tortuous in history of cooperation, long-term closure of the farming culture easy to make farmers conservative. The specialization, market-oriented and commercialization of agricultural development hade removed the farmers’ thinking ,the change of the farmers’ cooperation enhance on the enthusiasm and creativity, the farmers’ cooperation in the development of good momentum. However, differences with other organizations, farmers cooperative on the inefficiency decision-making, financing difficulties, organizational structure inherent instability of the weak. In addition, the farmers’ cooperation in china based on the land system of household contract ownership. with the characteristics of the broad participation and non-balanced development, the development of farmers’ cooperation should not only by the rural land property rights system constraints, there is also standardizing the masses to participate in the difficulty and address imbalances, the complexity of the implementation in light of local conditions. At present, although farmers’ cooperation in china play an important role in the material production and social development and political levels, there are also many of the problems, the efficiency poor on establishment of farmers’ cooperation, ideological obstacles in developing of farmers’ cooperation still exist; not develop norms of relevant legislation and government support for the work still needs to be improved; cooperation organization, the cultural foundation is weak, the leaders and the lack of theoretical research inadequate, only resolve these issues efforts, farmers’ cooperation can promote the development effectively.4. Comparative analysis of domestic and foreign farmers’ cooperative. First, the part has discriminated the overseas agricultural cooperatives concept and elaborated its development process, thought that the overseas agricultural cooperative and farmers’ specialized cooperative of our country has the homogeneous relations, but farmers’ cooperative in china that there are only 20 years history of development compared with international agricultural cooperatives that there are 160 years history of development, farmers’ specialized cooperative of our country is still backward compared with the overseas agricultural cooperative in policy environment, the quality of members, organizational development, and organizational principles, though on the condition of good policy environment. At present, the policy environment continues to be optimized, as a late starter, we can learn from the international cooperative and then made Chinese characteristics from the actual conditions proceed in china on farmers’ specialized cooperative in our country, along with the path of development, farmers’ specialized cooperative in our country for continuing to develop in the direction of the development of productive forces. Second, based on field investigation foundation, the article systematically analyzed Jilin Province farmers’ specialized cooperatives development as well as its promoter action for Jillian province’s social economy, which establishes foundation of empirical study for the ensuing chapters.5. The multidimensional analysis of farmers’ specialized cooperative in china. First, the society network analysis on farmers’specialized cooperative. This article took social relation network of farmers’ specialized cooperative as a specific type of social relation network, and thought social relation network of farmers’ specialized cooperative have characteristics of succession and production. Selects 52 farmers in two village of chancing suburbs to take the sample, constructs social group chart of each group and carried on analysis to social group chart and the production matrix diagram, the conclusion indicated that in this community information transmission relations, the proportion of kindred is biggest, friend relation and the relationship with neighborhood being the second and the third, these three kind of relations influence the farmers’ specialized cooperative synthetically. The social relations network has promoting effect in organization resources configuration, the support gain of members as well as the farmers’ specialized cooperative in form, simultaneously it also has the negative effect such as easy to form closeness and inequalities and so on.Second, the game analysis on farmers’ specialized cooperative. This article defined the cooperation of farmers’ specialized organization cooperation as not completely common interest community’s cooperation, and used "wisdom pig gambling" theoretical model to analyze construction process game of the farmers’ specialized cooperative, the conclusion indicated that when the income, the joint way as well as the benefit assignment mechanism satisfies gambling participates, construction of farmers’ specialized cooperative is Nash balanced which can improve Pareto efficiency; This article utilized Gunuo-model to analyze management process gambling, and proved that the cooperative among farmers was Pareto improves too, the rational farmers will changes into cooperation from not cooperate in the long-term management process. If we want to guarantee perfect cooperation of farmers, it need to carry on the safeguard from the system by using consultative mechanism, and one simple effective method is import the rewards and punishment mechanism and provides the powerful surveillance system.Over again, Behavioral analysis for farmers’ specialized cooperative business operation. This article studied the produce mechanism of farmers’ consciousness, discussed member’s consciousness deviation, thought that consciousness deviation will hinder the farmers’ specialized cooperatives healthy development; Studied the formation and action mechanism of member’s needs, thought the need of farmers who construct and participate farmers’ specialized cooperative include income increasing and self-realization, then discussed the way to satisfy member’s needs from the labor process inside and outside; Studied the formation and the strengthened mechanism of motive, thought the motive of farmers who construct and participate farmers’ specialized cooperative’s including seeking for profit, compatible, fair and pursuing for achievement, and constructed action mechanism model of need and motive on this basis; Finally this article studied fairly and reciprocal benefit behavior in farmers’ specialized cooperative, thought members are all not "the rational person", and phenomenon of pursuing for fair and reciprocal benefit is widely exists in farmers’ specialized cooperative.6. Efficiency measure and improve research for farmers’ specialized cooperative based on DEA. This article proposed input-output efficiency measure issue of farmers’ specialized cooperative, constructed efficiency evaluating indicator system of farmers’ specialized cooperative for Jilin Province, and carry on empirical study by taking 20 representative farmers’ specialized cooperatives of Jilin Province as example, the result indicated that under the scale income invariable premise, there are 7 DMUs with technology effective and 3 DMUs scale effective in the 20 organizations. The result shows that farmers’ specialized cooperative that in our country are universal smaller scale, and resources waste phenomenon is widely exist. To the organizations that scale invalid, we can raise there scale efficiency by expanding there production scale; to the technical invalid organizations, we can how adjust there input-output proportion to raise there technical efficiency, and the adjustment basis on the projection of invalid units on production frontier.7. Conclusions and suggestions. According to the analysis, comprehensive conclusions have been gotten: the development of farmers’ specialized cooperatives in china is still at its early stage, effect on establishment and operation not well controlled, farmers’ specialized cooperatives of our country is still backward compared with the overseas agricultural cooperative, and there are many historical limitations still. It urgent need to support and standardize though it on the condition of good trend of development.The principle pluralistic development of the development of farmers’ specialized cooperatives in china is: private principle; scientific guiding and support; learning advanced experience; pluralistic development pluralistic development.The countermeasure of development of farmers’ specialized cooperatives in china is: Set up the perfect government supporting system; perfecting discipline mechanism; emphasize on the training of the farmer entrepreneur, establish the flexible mechanism of land circulation; guiding surplus labors mobility in rural areas etc.

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