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Studies of Chinese Peasant Workers under the Binary Economic Conditions

Author ZhangQingQuan
Tutor ChenZheng
School Fujian Normal University
Course Political Economics
Keywords Peasant workers relocating of surplus labors in the countryside binary economic structure socialistic modernization in China
CLC D412.6
Type PhD thesis
Year 2008
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Peasant worker is a new problem emerged after the Opening-up and Renovation Period, it is also a right and efficient way to deal with the surplus labors in the rural areas. Chinese peasant workers contributed a lot to the industrialization, urbanization and modernization of agriculture, they have become an important force in the process of socialist modernization. The present thesis attempts to make a survey of the problems brought by peasant workers, holding the opinion that they are very important in promoting the overflowing of the surplus labors, and transforming from binary economic conditions to modern economic structures.At present, our country has entered the middle stage of industrialization and the critical period of urbanization, but the basis of agriculture is still not strong enough, we are in the stage of binary economy. Our country has such an unwieldy population of 13 billions, a large percent of them being peasants, this is rarely seen in other countries. As to how to solve the problems of overpopulation, and the surplus labors, we need to seek our own way.Peasant workers are both peasants and workers, they live in the cities and the countryside, some of them choose to go back to the countryside and set up their own enterprises, some of them become city dwellers later on. This is a reasonable way of relocating the surplus labors.From the perspective of new industry, peasant workers become an important part of the enterprise workers, they meet the demands for labors in the urbanization process, and offer more and more skilled workers. From the perspective of urbanization, peasant workers usually go to nearby towns and small cities, and set up factories or tertiary enterprises there. This is where our Chinese characteristics lie. From the perspective of agricultural modernization, peasant workers earn more money while bring advanced technology and managing experience or ideas back to where they come from. This is also a new way for modernization of the countryside.All in all, peasant workers are great innovation in the sense of combining practice with theories. In other words, how to achieve the goal of relocating surplus labors in a overpopulated country with a large percent of peasants, realizing the transformation of binary economic structure to mono-economic structure, with modernization and industrialization, urbanization as ultimate aims. It is one of the important contents of socialist theories with Chinese characteristics, the newest fruit of Marxism in China.

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