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On the Impact of the Medieval Heterodoxy of Modern Science

Author LiangShuang
Tutor SunMuDa
School Harbin Normal University
Course Philosophy of Science and Technology
Keywords Medieval culture Heterodoxy Science
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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In history, people’s impression of medieval Europe was dark and ignorant. The truthwas that, the rising status of bourgeoisie, it intrinsically related with the slander to thereputation of dominion of the church and the aristocracy,in order to overthrow thefeudal system.Christianity was dominant in this period, all mutually exclusive thoughtto Christian were dismissed as heretical thought, many philosophers and theologianswere persecuted. But people realized that after the Middle Ages, the enlightenment inEurope, the rise of the Renaissance and the rapid development of science was not turnedout suddenly, a lot of heretical thoughts were contained in Christian culture in theMiddle Ages, which the freedom of science developed on and promoted the rise ofmodern scientific thought. People would change the mind with the medieval though in acertain extent and know the progressive thinking of the medieval period also promotedthe science if they understanded the facts depthly. Thus,it’s necessary to clear themisunderstand.I Excluding the traditional concept that the Middle Ages was completelydark, this paper will reveal the truth of the Middle Ages.It will tell us Renaissance wasthe product of historical development to a certain stage instead of turning out suddenly,and the heretical thoughts relative with the Christian founded for the birth of the modernscience thought,which advocated the rational and empirical scientific method.To reflect the medieval heresies, Trying to solve the problem of cultural ideas in theprocess of scientific development, Cultural development of great significance to thedevelopment of science. Reinterpretation of the heresies. More clearly the relationshipbetween science and culture and humanistic culture. Reflection on the philosophy of themedieval history of science, You can explore the community in accordance with theheresies. Departure from historical materialism, Can be drawn that the orthodox andheterodox opposition is thinking of the performance of the society of the deep structuralcontradictions and conflicts. Heresies and social and economic infrastructure andpolitical structure interactive relationship. Analysis of the intrinsic structure of theheresies, conduct Typology of heresies research. Explore the kinetics of heresies, Thusdeepening the social and cultural development, Deepened the understanding of the dialectic of cultural development.This paper will clear up the influence of the medieval heretical thoughts on sciencethrough tracing back the history of the development of nominalism and realism withMedieval heretical thoughts as the core, analyze the background, the development,theimpact on modern science and the philosophical reflection of medieval hereticalthoughts,and try to put forward my own understanding and interpretation on theseissues.

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