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Scientific Development View on the Socialism Essence Theory Is the Succession and Innovation

Author LiGuangYue
Tutor LiJianLin
School Changsha University of Science and Technology
Course Scientific socialism and international communist movement
Keywords The Essence of Socialism Scientific concept of development Inherit Innovation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In different countries or in the same countries of different development stages, what is socialism and how to build socialism understanding is different. Any social form in its early days, of the emergence and development by economic relations, due to political relations and other social relationships maturity and underdevelopment, which, in turn, can’t completely fully reflects the essence of the society. The socialist society, of course, is no exception. With the development of The Times and the exploration of socialism and know the socialist practice inevitably in the process of deepening and development.In 1992, deng xiaoping in inspecting southern talk, comprehensive and profound, brilliantly summarized the socialist essence. He says: "the essence of socialism are the liberation and development of productive forces, productive forces, the elimination of exploitation, eliminates polarization, finally achieve common prosperity." The scientific theory, including the very rich content, is a hierarchical structure system. Liberate productivity, productivity development is the essence of socialism core level, the elimination of exploitation, eliminates polarization is the essence of socialism system level and the final achievement of common prosperity is the essence of socialism value levels. Deng xiaoping of socialism essence scientific judgment, contains the rich dialectic, widened a from the view of productivity development of socialist new ideas.Since the 16th CPC national congress, the central committee with comrade hu jintao as general secretary, lifts up high the deng xiaoping theory and the important thought of "three represents" around the great banner, the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics, focus on this theme party wisdom to the marxism theory of theoretical innovation great courage with Chinese characteristics, and gradually form the scientific concept of development. In 2003, the 16th plenary meeting, to make the first time penetrating scientific development statement: to adhere to the people-oriented, establishing a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development, promoting economic society and people’s all-round development. This is our country for more than 20 years of reform and opening up policy and modernization construction experience of profound summary, is our party following MAO zedong thought, deng xiaoping theory and the important thought of "three represents" after marxism and contemporary Chinese reality and features and a combination of theoretical achievements.Through analysis of researching socialism essence theory and putting forward of scientific development view, connotation and the guiding sense, reveals the socialism essence theory and the scientific concept of development is unity within: marxism is common theoretic origin; Seeking truth from fact is the same ideological basis; Productivity development is the same task regulations; Common prosperity is the same value goal. Scientific development view inherits the socialism essence theory about development thought. Adhere to the scientific development of socialist essence theory contain people-oriented thoughts; Scientific development view inherits the socialism essence theory common wealthy thought; Scientific development view inherits the socialism essence theory about unceasingly develop socialist development path thoughts. Scientific development view on the socialism essence theory to the enrichment and development of performance on the following four aspects: scientific development view enriched the socialism essence theory about development thought. Scientific development concept developed socialism essence theory on common wealthy thought; The scientific outlook on development in rich socialism essence theory about "human" thought.This article through studies socialism essence theory and scientific development concept, purpose of which is to the relationship in our country’s socialist modernization and the comprehensive construction well-off society’s new historical stage of development, adhere to the socialism essence theory and science development view, taking economic construction as the center, unswervingly development productivity; With rich together as the goal, let the achievement of reform and opening-up benefit all the people; People-oriented, and constantly improve the livelihood of the people, promote the great cause of socialism in China to progress continuously.

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