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Analysis of Visual Transmission of City Image Video

Author GaoYang
Tutor FanChangZhi
School Xiangtan University
Course Communication
Keywords City image of the film Visual coding Visual decoding Themes and values
CLC G206
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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City image of the film is accompanied by the city to grow and produce a reflection of urban style, to promote the spirit of the city, raising the city's reputation image text, is an objective fact and subjective image of the complex, not only reflects the objective existence of the urban landscape, but also the performance of the creative were positioned on the city's image and expectations. More than ten years, China's urban image of the film experience from scratch, from simple to complex development process, spread wide, high degree of recognition, publicity effect, the city has become an integral part of the process of propaganda ring. Articles collected over the past decade seen in the media image of the city of one hundred and sixty dozen pieces, and select one of forty-four been widely recognized and highly valued, a representative image of the film, combined with the historical background of China's urban development , using text analysis method for analysis from the perspective of visual communication. City image of the film's visual symbol encoding process involves many aspects and factors that originate from the creative intent, creative theme of limited production copywriting planning, filming the scene selection, shooting techniques used until the latter part of the video editing, dubbing, each one links are full of the creators of the subjective intentions. Image of the city in the vast amount of film, visual elements closely around the theme of the film selection, most element has its representative significance and function. In the image of the film screen, the screen brightness and color tone selection, mode of motion picture films and sports a large extent determine the rhythm of the film's tone, or bright or dark, or cheerful or soothing, from different angles reflects the urban landscape . Image of the film appeals the decision to use the film's narrative style and technique, resorting sensual soft power is used to show the city, we can obtain it with the city in the emotional resonance, appeal to reason is focused to show the city of hard power, influence people associated with the city's decisions. Visual image of the film from the city symbol decoding perspective, the audience watching the film image of the city, the process of receiving information, through the video screen, clips, movie the main character, the understanding of the main story, able to appreciate the meaning behind the picture: promote urban tourism image of the film city tourism resources, highlighting the city's friendly and casual, high sense of happiness and joy; urban cultural image of the film shape the spirit of the city, people feel or inclusive, or self-improvement, or refined and harmonious urban style; City Merchants image of the film in the performance of urban social and economic strength, urban investment environment and development prospects at the same time, create a thriving urban development, the growing rise of the image; city's comprehensive image of the film contains several topics, or several topics in parallel, or theme back to back, gradually deepened, through purposeful permutations to show the city's image. After a visual image of the city chip encoding and decoding analysis, can be found in the theme settings and values ??to achieve commonality exists. Urban socio-economic and development prospects, historical and cultural city, city human spirit and attitude is the image of the film Urban External inevitable implication of topics, but the performance of the city and the image of the film focuses on categories vary. The performance figures in the urban image of the film, the scene at the same time, but also contains and to achieve a socially constructed value, economic value, cultural value and aesthetic value.

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