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Brand Associtions Factors and the Impact of Brand Sensitivity on Band Loyalty

Author YuanJing
Tutor YaoJie
School Nanjing University of Finance and Economics
Course Business management
Keywords brand association brand loyalty factor sports shoes
CLC F273.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Brand association issues in the Western academia has long been concernedabout,such studies are mostly in Western countries, under the premise for the researchbackground, usually the brand association and brand extension, consumer behaviorresearch together. Domestic research is still in its infancy. This paper constitutes adimension of brand association analysis, and brand association and brand loyaltycombined studies. In this study, the sports shoe market consumer brand associations,for example, to explore its brand association and brand loyalty of the relationshipbetween empirical reasearch.In this paper, we try to solve the problem of consumer brand association. Andattempts to answer the following questions: consumers in the purchasedecision-making process that values the brand, is there a brand association?Willtheir brand association lead to brand loyalty? Cause consumers to associate the brandWhat are the factors? In this study, the brand’s functional point of view, to explore thecomposition dimension of brand association and brand associations and brand loyaltybetween.To verify the theoretical model in the form of brand association and brandassociation dimension of the impact of brand loyalty, I suppose for the study,selected domestic and foreign Maturity Scale, based primarily on surveyquestionnaire design, in order to ensure the quality of the questionnaire, first throughexpert interviews and interviews of the survey asked consumers to modify andoptimize items in order to ensure content validity of the questionnaire. This paperfocuses on empirical analysis section, first through a small sample survey dataanalysis and correction of indicators to optimize the initial scale to be revised; thenrevised the scale of formal research, data obtained230valid samples, first byapplication SPSS16.0these data reliability and validity analysis and processing, thenthese data by LISREL8.70structural equation modeling analysis. This conceptualmodel and research hypotheses have been tested through structural equation model.Test results show that the assumption that all mentioned in this study are supported.Through empirical study found that consumers are increasingly attention tobrand, the brand makes their products through the function, the emotional andsymbolic needs are met, these brand features in support of their natural demonstrationof the brand brand associations. Specifically, in theory, this paper has been three conclusions: quality assurance, personal identification, social identity and status of theassociation of consumers has a positive brand association a positive impact;consumers more intense the more positive brand association, brand loyalty (attitudeloyalty and behavioral loyalty) is higher; quality assurance, personal identificationand social identity will indirectly affect the attitude of Chinese consumers brandloyalty and behavioral loyalty. In practice, this study suggests that companies shouldemphasize the quality of consumer brand identity and personality and socialperception of these three areas, enterprises should pay attention to raise brandawareness among consumers of the brand’s image and status, thus leading to theyform brand loyalty.The study main contribution is the consumer brand association issues to explore,learn a foreign scholar brand association model, analysis of the dimensions of theimpact of brand association, brand association and brand loyalty and the relationshipbetween be measured.

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