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Research on Cohesion of Curriculum between College Physics and Middle School Physics

Author LiYanHong
Tutor YinGuoSheng
School Henan University
Course Education
Keywords college physics middle school physics curriculum connection between university andmiddle school teaching material content study in university
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Physics is a branch of natural science, which aims at the study of basic structure and generalinteraction of material, general rules of motion, practical manners and ideological methodology. Thus thecore position of physics course based in physics should never be shaken in Chinas current education. Themiddle school physics course is a foundation course to ordinary middle school in science learning areas,university physics is a required and basic course to all students majoring in science and engineering inuniversity.We have been carried forward unprecedented basic education curriculum reformation since2004,which is a extensive systems engineering including reformation of curriculum idea, curriculum goal,curriculum content, curriculum implement. So does college physics curriculum reformation in this newposition. Physics curriculum reformation has respond to the word of science education and physicseducation. We should adjust college physics curriculum and middle physics curriculum such as setting andrenewal and renovation of teaching content if we want to ensure that students have supernal scientificliteracy and adapt to the society of21st century. Actual physics curriculum content is the embodiment ofepoch-making and elemental and designing ideas. It plays a very important role to improve the students’scientific literacy. With the constantly advancing of curriculum reform, both students and the physicsteachers are confronted with greatness challenge and pressure.Entering into university and facing a total different environment, students are actually facinga significant turning point in their life. How to adjust to the study in college is the primary thing whichstudents must deal within the practice of physics study, many first-year students in the university are facedup with confusion for the subtle difference in learning objectives and knowledge structure of physicsbetween college and middle school. Taking the physics major as an example, this paper will explore how toimprove students study from the view of curriculum connection.The paper mainly applies the method of documentary research, questionnaire and textual analysis.The thesis consists of five parts, includes introduction, theoretical basis of the research, comparativeanalysis of physics curriculum criterion and the basic requirement to the course of university physics, cohesion research of physics course teaching contents and suggestions. Cohesion research of physicscourse teaching contents are the core content of the paper.The paper through amount of literature materials compares "the college physics curriculumrequirements" and "the middle school physics curriculum standards", make a comparison between theteaching ways in middle school and college. Lastly, this paper gives some suggestions for resolving theexisting problems.Senior physics have the same tropism with generic engineering physics course, engineeringphysics course narrate knowledge of mechanics, waves, optics, calorifics, electricity&magnetism, moderntimes physics of which content is based on the knowledge of senior physics. The characteristic is usingcalculus and vector analysis to explain physics concept and principle application, meanwhile payingattention to the physics theory, idea, math method, calculation method.The paper tries to study and solve the problem of the transition of physics learning from middleschool to college in hope of providing a certain consultation and reference to students and physics teachersin their teaching practice.

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