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Using STS Education Culture Students’ Innovation Capability in the Vocational Physics Teaching

Author YueXiaoLi
Tutor ZhaoDeXian
School Qinghai Normal
Course Curriculum and Pedagogy
Keywords Higher Vocational Education Physics Teaching STSeducation Innovation capability
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The21st century is the era of knowledge economy, knowledge innovation is oneof the important factors to promote economic development, The knowledgeinnovation requires creative talents. Innovation is a comprehensive ability, Students’innovation ability training in the physics teaching of higher vocational education isextremely important for individual development and social development. How tocultivate innovation capability is the focus of attention of social and educationalissues.Taking the vocational students as the study object in this paper, analyzed thenecessity and feasibility of cultivating students’ innovative ability in College physicsteaching, determined the direction and content. on the basis of In the study ofdomestic and foreign vocational innovative education status,and domestic and foreignscholars’ understanding and awareness of creative ability, Proposed The author’sunderstanding and Content of innovation capability under the concept of STSeducation. used the dialectical materialism of Marxism, Constructivist learning theoryand Human Learning Theory, Build the STS education model training creative abilityin the teaching of vocational basic physics, Including” experiential learning teachingmodel","Inquiry-based learning teaching model”,specific principles and teachingmethods of the innovation capacity of vocational students in STS education mode.And developed the theory of application of the results in teaching practice, IncludingClassroom Instruction, Exercises Teaching, Experimental teaching, SecondClassroom, Extracurricular Reading, Actively cooperate with the front-line teachersand students of the selected schools to work together. Researched the creativity andinnovation of students of the experimental class by Issuing questionnaires, researchingand observation, and doing the before and after experiment. Experimental resultsshow that:It has a significant effect that using STS education culture students’Innovation capability in the College physics teaching. On the one hand, enhanced thestudents’ incentive to innovate, Changed attitude towards learning, improve thephysical results. On the other hand, cultivated students’ sense of social responsibilityand mission, so, it is feasible that that using STS education culture students’Innovation capability in the College physics teaching.

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