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Kazak Folk Craft Inheritance and the Ethnic Culture Construction

Author ChenYongAn
Tutor DengShuJun
School Northeast Normal University
Course Art of Design
Keywords kazak folk craft inheritance ethnic groups
CLC J528
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The kazak is an ancient nomads, has a long history and splendid culture, kazak, by early plug in hsiungnu, YueShi, the wusun, health living, the turks tribal ethnic groups. Kazakhstan craft art in the inheritance of fusion, having strong ethnic characteristics and the nomadic culture breath. Since the primitive society, whether by pottery, wood or thereafter copper, iron and other material produced bowl, dish, plate, pot of life such as appliances, or men and women dress, flower felt, shoes and hats and housing, harness and indoor display and various handicrafts and design art, all have sophisticated production technology. In the kazak in folk craft design, sculpture, embroidery and leather industry, BianZhiYe, construction, sewing industry, a blacksmith industry, founder of heritage boots shoes handicraft relatively prosperous. But at the time, the social economy development to the kazakh people bring great impact, their ideas has undergone earth-shaking changes. Especially the young, the persistent pursuit of fashion, gradually abandoned original pattern adornment. Those folk craftsmen people creation delicate design works only in family and smaller within the scope of life, can’t get exhibited widely spread, in order to let the kazakh folk craft in the inheritance to grow. To use market levers to broaden their ideas and emancipate the mind. Let them accept foreign ethnic art culture, to approach each other and complement each other, make oneself in the environment at the same time in large, widely contacts it clan culture and art. This gave it infuse vigorous vitality, and to make it more prosperous development and has more autonomy and uniqueness, expand broader development space, has more superior development opportunities, make its are on the world cultural system occupies reasonable position, make kazak ethnic folk art in the world even traditional Saturday.

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