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A Systematics Research of Sarcophagidae from China(Diptera: Muscidae)

Author WangDi
Tutor XueWanZuo
School Shenyang Normal
Course Zoology
Keywords Sarcophagidae Fauna New species
CLC Q969.453.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The Sarcophgidae is affiliated with the Muscidae of Diptera, Cyclorrhapha,Myiodaria, Calyptratae. It is widely distributied in Palaearctic region, Oriental region,Australian region and Ethiopian region. The adults generally live on animal carcassesand feces and other organic environment, most this kind of flies are feeding animalcarcasses and feces and other organic environment, such as man-made disasterslivestock feces, urine, vomit and carcasses. A lot of species’s larvas of Sarcophagidaeis saprophytic and fecal endogenous. Currently, the world of Sarcophagidae hasknown2515species,327species in China. But the actual number is far more thanthese, and there are still lots of species for us to be discovered and recorded.This article had systematically studied the distribution of Sarcophagidae andidentified more than300Sarcophagidae specimens from China which were collectedfrom about21different Provinces and Autonomous Districts in China. Also listeddistribution of the Sarcophagidae of China. According to the distribution ofSarcophagidae in China, drawed the distribution figures by GIS Arc View3.2.All type specimens of new species in this article were deposited in the Institute ofEntomology, Shenyang Normal University.

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