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Experimental Study on the Soil Replacement between the Natural Zones of Changbai Mountains

Author SongXue
Tutor XuJiaWei
School Northeast Normal University
Course Physical Geography
Keywords Synthesis soil experiment Coniferous forest brown soil Physics andchemistry nature Coniferous forests of Changbai Mountains
CLC S714
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Coniferous forests of the North Slope of Changbai Mountains volcanic cone islocated in the middle of the Nature Reserve,42°03’37"N~42°04’26"N,128°03’46"E~128°04’06"E, elevation1100m~1800m, understory development of the coniferousforest brown soil. Because of the rapid development of the tourism industry, theimpact on nature conservation, a lot of commercial buildings built in the coniferousforest and severely damaged the original ecology of the protected areas, forenvironmental protection in the area of commercial buildings to be removed, torestore native vegetation, so, must first solute the soil question of coniferous forestsbelt’s restoretion.This study to Changbai Mountains coniferous forest, the first set point for thecommunity survey to determine the key species in the altitude range of commercialbuildings are concentrated, and for the key species and coniferous forest brown soilsampling and back to the laboratory to measured and analyzed, the experimentsselected key species of Picea jezoen trace elements-manganese, zinc, copper, iron,boron, molybdenum, soil mechanical composition, pH value, organic matter, the totalnitrogen, the total phosphorus, the total kalium, the available nitrogen, the availablephosphorus, the available kalium were determined, and using SPSS, EXCEL,computer means of statistical data, the use of the R cluster analysis to determine theinstruction target of the coniferous forest brown soil, and also take the as the synthesissoil’s instruction target.Through the analysis of selected indicators, we conclude that: the coniferousforest brown soil the materials for more rough surface rock, thick cane, soil containssand pebbles and capacity is much, the soil contains the amount of gravel and sand,gravel content of about9%to25%, and the gravel content with the altitude increasesand increase in sand content is about35%to68%; particle size is large in proportionof0.02~0.002mm powder in various particle size; particle size less than0.002mm islowest clay content, the soil texture is sandy loam; the soil weakly alkaline, highorganic matter content; the available kalium content is relatively high and lowphosphorus content, the total nutrient of the soil content in general.In this study synthetic soil raw materials used outside protected areas of theneedle and broad-leaf mixed forest zone of Changbai Mountains, Baijiang soil,meadow soil and peat soil, and determination of physics and chemistry nature, reference to the instruction index of the synthetic soil, through three kinds ofexperimental programs manual synthesis soil that the nature close to the coniferousforest brown soill, and for select the programs cultivation testing, concluded that thefirst program and the second program appropriate to vegetation recovery of theconiferous forest, and according to achieve the replacement of two different zonesbetween the needle-and broad-leaf mixed forest zone and coniferous forest.In this study, based on the artificial simulation of the natural ecological prototype,use of natural succession, and achieve vegetation restoration of the high altitude andextreme weather conditions.

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