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Study on Spatial Structure of Urban Greenbelt Landscape and Optimization of Ecological Network based on GIS

Author GuoHuiHui
Tutor JiangWenWei
School Zhejiang Forestry University
Course Ornamental Plants and Horticulture
Keywords Cixi City urban greenbelt landscape pattern ecological network landscape pattern evaluation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Urban green space is an important ecological factors relates to sustainable urban development. Scientific and rational urban green space landscape layout to enhance the management level of urban green space system, and guide the city toward the healthy and orderly development.2009aerial images as a source of information,the application of the RS, GIS Technology, through the use of relevant software such as ENVI4.3and ArcGIS9.2completed production on the Cixi downtown green vector landscape plan and corresponding database.On this basis, the use of Fragstats3.3, Excel, and other numerical analysis software calculate and analyst landscape pattern characteristics of the green structure of the study area.Designed to explore the landscape pattern of the city from the perspective of landscape ecology, landscape ecological planning and ecological networks of urban green space system in order to build to provide a scientific basis and provide a reference for in-depth study of landscape pattern indices, as well as other small and medium-sized cities and towns landscape pattern of optimization to provide a certain basis.The following conclusions:(1)The Cixi downtown green space was divided into9class, such as public green-land, productive green-land, protective green-land, unit attached green-land, residential green-land, road green-land, riverside green-land, scenic forest and other green-land. The total green area is1807.91hm2.The total green patch was17840.The scale grade distribution of green type was very uneven.Each green space type was most small-scale patches.(2)Each green type was seriously fragmentized. Scenic forest was relatively mild degree of fragmentation. Attached green-land, riverside green-land and residential green-land was relatively high degree of fragmentation. Public green-land, protection green-land and production green-land was the relatively low level.Green patch of fractal dimension was from1.06to1.12,in the fractal dimension of the domain value of the first half1-2.Generally, the plaque surrounding green landscape,which showed that geometry of the spatial entities are relatively rules, was relatively large disturbed. The largest patch index of scenic forest have an advantage over the other green patch of Cixi downtown.Road green-land was the least large patch index, but indicated relatively uniform distribution.(3)The Shannon diversity index was1.5748.Patch richness density was0.4978,and relative richness density index was1.It reflect that the green landscape richness was small and lower levels of diversity than in the high-level state,which may be further improved.The Shannon evenness is0.7167,which also reflected the uneven distribution of green landscape,and there are few types of landscape in the area of distribution advantage.(4)In the micro-spatial relationships, the ENN_MN of other green landscape types of the study area are less than60m, in addition to the public green-land, protection green-land and Scenic forest,which reflected good continuity of the study area landscape.The residential green-land was the best.Aggregation of various landscape types are higher. The aggregation of scenic forest, public green-land, productive green-land and protection green-land are more than90%.(5)Through the analysis of four plans for the corridor structure and network structure of ecological network planning, it indicated that the three and four of the ecological network is theoretically more complex and better ecological network planning. By comparing the network structure index, it can be considered that the fouth ecological network is the optimized ecological network programs of Cixi downtown.

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