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Communist Party of China to explore the nature of socialism

Author JingHuanHuan
Tutor LuoFei
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course The philosophy of Marxism
Keywords Chinese Communist Party socialism essence exploration cognition practice
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In general speaking, the exploration to the socialism essence of the Chinese Communist Party, also a deepening history of Chinese Socialist Construction. This year is the 90th anniversary of the Party. As the arrival of the important memorial significance historical year, summarizing and deepen some important theory understanding problems in the process of the socialist construction further, has become one of the important responsibility which the contemporary Chinese marxism theoretical workers can not avoid. From this sense, it can be said that the research on the essence of socialism, especially the theory research about the Chinese communists socialism essence, has become academic research hot spot in recent years, it is also the necessity of historical development. Among them, the research on the "forming process" and "theoretical origin" of the Chinese communists socialism essence theory not only rich in achievements, but also enrich and heavy in research content.There is no doubt that the above results which, begin from the perspective of the relationship of "understanding and practice ", and analyze the development context of Chinese communists socialism essence theory in-depth, provide us a very important conditions.And based on this basis of the "analysis", "the theoretical reflection" and "multidimensional grasp" is not only a kind of bold attempt on philosophical theory level, but also a necessary choice to deepening the socialism essence theory knowledge at present.The paper consider that the explore to the socialism essence of the Chinese Communist Party, to "seek truth from facts" as methodology principles firstly, based on the "social practice", test, introspect, enrich and develop the essence of socialism theory in the process of tackling "problem domain", further reveal the truth light of the "practice-rationality"; Secondly socialism essence theory must be trying some "self-consciously in theory" in the process of "practice", means that seek "blind spot" or "inane" from "ought to", "inevitable", "actual inevitable", then achieve some logical levels of self transition. In this sense, the exploration to the socialism essence of the Chinese Communist Party is a innovate process of the theory that "come down in one continuous line, advancing with the times", a explore process of socialist construction, also a ask process of the theory that "can own transcendence possible?" and "how can realize its own transcendence?".

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