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Livelihood issues in the domain of Historical Materialism

Author YuanGuo
Tutor PanWeiHua
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course The philosophy of Marxism
Keywords livelihood issues materialism Marxism
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The practice of human development needs the guidance of theories. Whether there is the consciousness of theory, or to what degree it would be has a critical influence on the practice of human development. From the time human come into being, livelihood issues has been an essential issue that refers the existence, proliferation, and development and a basic, realistic, and important issue of the society. Concentration and improvement on livelihood issues is an eternal subject in the history of human development and a carrier for human to gradually realize self-fulfillment. Livelihood issues are not only a starting point for Marx to study historical materialism but as well an important content of it. In the Seventeenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, livelihood issues has been firstly put into the project of socialist constriction and has been taken as an important part of the basic program of the primary stage of socialism, which greatly gives prominence to the position of livelihood issues in the modern social construction with Chinese characteristics. The essay holds that in order to deal with the livelihood issues, a theatrical strict investigation and grasp should be put on it. Only in this way, the issues can be sketched out form confusions and reach the height of theatrical consciousness. To reach the goal, specific study on different subjects is necessary and the whole and profound thinking and understanding is more important. Based on reality, the essay tires to straighten the issue out form confusions by applying the standpoints, concepts, and methods of Marxism, especially form the perspective of historical materialism.For the needs of social construction with Chinese characteristics, by classifying and analyzing the amount of livelihood concepts of Marxism, investigating and comparing in dimensional visions, the essay reveals that historical materialism is the primary perspective for the study of livelihood issues. The essay also tries to thoroughly demonstrate the primary position of historical materialism for the study of the livelihood issues. With the base of this, the essay lastly explains the fist premise, realistic basis, and present situation livelihood issues form the significance of meta-visual to scientifically further realize the livelihood issues in China.

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