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Studies on Cu-catalyzed Chan-Lam Reaction

Author ZhangLingLi
Tutor ChengJiang
School Wenzhou University
Course Organic Chemistry
Keywords arylboronic acid copper-catalyzed C-X bond Chan-Lamreaction
CLC O643.32
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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In all kinds of transition metal-catalyzed coupling reaction, much attentionhas been paid in copper since it is low cost and toxicity. Meanwhile, Organoboronreagents, especially boronic acids, have been widely applied in organic synthesis asa particularly attractive class of reagents because of their availability, stability,nontoxicity, and ease of handling. Chan-Lam reaction is the combination of thesetwo advantages to synthesize a variety of C-heteroatom coupling products. In thispaper, the development of the copper catalyzed Chan-Lam reaction in recent yearswas reviewed, then Cu-catalyzed arylboronic acid in different system toC-heteroatom bond formation reactions was studied. Around this theme, this paperis divided into three parts as following:(1) introduce the range and development ofChan-Lam coupling applications (2) copper-catalyzed reaction of arylboronic acidwith aryl carboxylic acid derivatives to afford corresponding benzoate derivatives.The study showed that urea played an important role in this reaction. This reactionis a good development and compliment to the Chan-Lam research and.(3)Sulfonation reaction by Cu-catalyzed arylboronic acid and sulfur to providesymmetric aryl sulfide derivatives. The installation of inorganic substances intoorganic matters was the biggest advantage. In conclusion, these two aspects study on the synthesis of arylbenzoate andsymmetrical aryl sulfide compounds provided a new method, which enjoy theadvantages of commercially available materials, simple operation, mild reactionconditions,and high yields.

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