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Electrophoresis Separation Coupled with Spme for Analysis Trace Non-Polar Compounds from Complex Sample

Author LiSong
Tutor LiDongHao
School Yanbian University
Course Analytical Chemistry
Keywords electrophoresis SPME coupled complex matrix GC-MS
CLC O658.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Sample preparation is necessary due to sample matrix complexity. However, charged interferences in sample solution are difficult to be removed. In this study, a new technology-electrophoresis separation coupled with microextraction method was developed, which integrated separation, extraction, and concentration into one step. The parameters which could affect electrophoresis separation efficiency such as voltage, time, pH and concentraction of buffer solution, qualities of membranes were investigated. When using20V as the voltage,10min as separation time, pH=9.2, cellulose acetate as membranes, we obtained the best separation efficiency. Under the optimized conditions, more than90%of the interferences (sodium polystyrene sulfonate, PSS) were driven into acceptor cell apart from complex sample matrix containing non-charged aniline. It was further extracted SPME, subsequently analyzed with GC-MS. The experimental results demonstrated that it could effectively reduce interference of matrix and greatly increase sensibility of the method. Also we studied the validation of this method. It had good linearity in the concentration range of50-5000ng mL-1with correlation coefficient above0.999, and relative standard deviation (RSD%) ranged below than20%, enrichment factor was52. Finally we successfully applied this method to analyse spiked serum and plant water-extracting solutions. The results show that this technique is simple, rapid, easy to operate, it has widely application prospect in analysis of bio-, environmental and plant samples. Moreover, it has big potential to fast simultaneous analyze the charge and non-charge target chemicals in complex sample after slight modification of the device.

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