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Synthesis of Containing Hydrogen Silicone Oil and Silicone Oil Modiifed by Polyether and Long Alkyl Group

Author YangHui
Tutor FuHeQing
School South China University of Technology
Course Chemical Engineering
Keywords low hydrogen-containing silicone oil polyether modified silicone oil alkylmodified silicone oil
CLC TQ264.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Organic silicone, which is called industrialmonosodium glutamate (MSG), has beenwidely used in construction, electronics and electricity, textile, automobile, mechanics,leather,paper, coatings, medicine etc. for its excellent performance.Silicone oil was prepared by hydrogen-containing polysiloxane through hydrosilylation. It waswidely used as cross-linker, yellow resistance agent, defoamer, flatting agent,printing and dyeing assistant and so on. Although there are some factories produce the products inour country, their properties could not meet the needs in advanced applications. Most of theadvanced products are made in foreign countries.The low hydrogen-containing polysiloxane was prepared using highhydrogen-containing silicone oil, Octamethyl cyclotetrasiloxane (D4) andhexamethyldisiloxane (MM) as raw materials through ring-opening polymerization ofrearrangement reaction under the catalyst. The effects of the kind s and content, recationtemperature and time of catalyst, end-capping reagent content, reaction temperature and timeon the properties of the low hydrogen-containing polysiloxane polysiloxane were studied.And the optimized technics conditions were that the content of strongly acidic cation resinwas6.5%, reaction temperature was65℃,and reaction time was7hours, yield of theproduct was over90%.And the catalyst could be reused.Modified silicone were synthesized using low hydrogen-containing silicone oil, allyl-terminatedpolyethers and laurylenelaurylene as materials through solvent-free method.Effect of catalystcontent,activation temperature and tim,reaction temperature and time on the properties ofmodified silicone were studied. When the catalyst was activated by polyether, the platinumcontent was2ppm,the activation temperature was70-75℃and activation time was150min, the reaction temperature was100℃,the time was4h, the properties of modifiedsilicone were better. And the stucture of the modified silicone was characterizaed by FT-IR.

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