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Preparation and Properties of Poly(Ether Ether Ketone) Fibers

Author ZuoJiaShuang
Tutor WangGuiBin
School Jilin University
Course Polymer Chemistry and Physics
Keywords Poly(ether ether ketone) Spinnability Fibers Technology Properties
CLC TQ340.6
Type PhD thesis
Year 2013
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Poly(ether ether ketone)(PEEK) is one of the most important kinds of high-performancearomatic fibers. With composed of ether bond and ketonic bond, it has the excellentmechanical performance, good thermal stability and chemical resistance, and so on. It hasaroused wide concern when it was born. It has extensive applications in the aviation,automotive, medical, and electrical industries owing to the excellent mechanical performance,good thermal stability and chemical resistance, and so on. PEEK fibers have a uniquecombination of mechanical properties that are stable under extreme environmental conditions.Whether it is at high temperature, extreme moisture, alkaline or acidic environments, there isalmost no other fiber that will do a comparable job. Compared with similar internationalproducts, the development level of Chinese PEEK fibers has many gaps. On the hand, a fewsmall size enterprise or institution which develops PEEK fibers technology wandered up anddown at low level. On the other hand, development of Chinese fiber grade PEEK also juststarted mainly in single species. These restrict development of PEEK fibers. Developingfiber grade PEEK become very important. Therefore, from improving PEEK spinnabilitypoint of view, we designed to prepare fiber grade PEEK with controlling synthesistechnology or adding modifier. Subsequently, a series of PEEK fibers were prepared bymelt-spinning. The material which have inherent properties, good spinnability and low-costhave will has a competitive advantage in the international market. At the same time form theperspective of basic research, we study modification effects with introducing FPAEKLCP orGPPS and influence of spinnability on technology, structure and performance of fibers. Atfirst, we prepared a series of PEEK with different MFI, focuses on rheology properties,spinnability and influence of technology on structure and performance of fibers. it could beseen that PEEK with high-MFI have good flowability, spinnability, and low spinningtemperature. The fibers are cylindrical with smooth surface, uniform diameter and texturewas tight. Appear viscosity of PEEK with low-MFI was high, The shear sensitivity wasintensive, Viscous flow activation energies (ΔEη) was high, therefore its spinnability wasimproved by increasing temperature(even410oC). For spinnability, SPEEK-1>CoPEEK-1>SPEEK-2>CoPEEK-2>CoPEEK-3>SPEEK-3. For strength,SPEEK-1

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