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The Preparation and Characterization of the Supported Catalysts for Hydroformylation of Octene

Author KongXiangJun
Tutor YangGuoHua
School China University of Petroleum
Course Applied Chemistry
Keywords Rhodium Active carbon Hydroformylation Supported catalysts Support pretreatment
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Hydroformylation of olefins is an important reaction for the production of aldehydes and alcohols which are used to produce plasticizer, surfactant and detergent. At the present time, most of the hydroformylation of high olefins adopt the high-pressure-cobalt technique which has some disadvantages, such as complicated process of catalyst recycle, great number of byproducts, high energy consumption and so on. For solving these problems, the heterogenization of homogeneous catalysis techniques for hydroformylation of high olefins have been studied in recent years, but there have been some difficulties yet, for example, low activity, high loss of catalyst. So it is great significant to research new supported catalysts.In this paper, the new active carbon supported rhodium catalysts were prepared by the combined technique of support-pretreatment and supported rhodium. N2 absorption, Boehm titration and the pH value measure of active carbon surface were used to investigate the influence of active carbon and pore structure, support-pretreatment and catalyst preparation method on catalyst performance. The results show that the character of support surface has great influence on catalyst performance. The pretreatment of activation has the advantage of improving catalyst performance over acid and alkali pretreatment method. Orthogonal experiment was used to optimize the process of support pretreatment and catalyst preparation. The yield of iso-aldehydes can be up to 50.51% and selectivity approach to 100% under the optimized conditions gained by the result of orthogonal experiment. The problems of catalysts recycle and low activity were well resolved.

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