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Study on Preparation of Abamectin

Author HouHongWei
Tutor RenTianRui; XuWenPing
School Shanghai Normal University
Course Polymer Chemistry and Physics
Keywords blue algae avermactin anti-UV controlled release formulation waterdeispersible granules environmentally friendly high-viscosity EC
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Biopesticide avermectin (Avermectins, Av) has a good prospect in application for its easily degradation in the environment, lowly residual and broad-spectrum. Therefor it is easy to decompose in ultraviolet light and reduces efficiency of the pesticide in the fields. In order to improve the fast decomposition of shortcoming of the Av, anti-UV the controlled release formulation of water dispersible granules was prepared with the anti-UV characteristic of blue algae as carrier.2%of Av hyperviscosity EC formulation was prepared with tackifier to improve efficiency.1. Anti-UV controlled release formulation(CRF) of Av was developed with utilizing the anti-UV characteristic of blue algae as carrier. Av was adsorbed on blue algae powder and then coated with10%carbomer resin. The blue algae powder and CRF were characterized by FT-IR, SEM and HPLC. The results show that the adsorptive capacity of Av is160.81mg/g in isopropanol at25℃. The formulation release rate is51.8%for20d in ethanol/water (v:v4:1) at25℃.The controlled release mechanism belongs to Fickian diffusion and matrix erosion. The residual rates of Av with blue algae and alone are62.0%and39.0%respectively under UV irradiating. It is improved that blue alga e has the function of resistance against UV. The new high molecular dispersant SH-Q1and the Av anti-UV release formulation were used to prepare5%Av anti-UV control release of water dispersible granules, and the quality of the formaulation were tested, all indicators the result are better than national standards.2. A novel environmentally friendly biodegradable tackifier SH-H was used to prepare2%Av environmentally friendly high-viscosity EC formulation. The amount of all preparations was measured, they had reached the national standards and requirements of the manufacturers. The amount of organic solvents in the formulation was less than7%. The organic solvent mixture is cheaper and has no contamination. This formulation conquers the disadvantage of much organic solvent in the traditional EC formulations.3. Innovation of this paper:(a) A novel biological adsorbent of blue algae were used to adsorb avermectin, and its characteristic of unti-UV stopped the avermectin from decomposing,(b) The biological adsorbent of blue algae has environmental compatibility, it can be decomposed into fertilizer to increase production,(c) The novel high molecular dispersion agent SH-Q1and NNO complex was introduced the Avermectin water dispersible granules, and they were well dispersed. The suspension rate was up to98.4%.(d) A novel biodegradable environmentally friendly tackifier SH-H was introduced to prepare the formulation, the amount of organic solvent is less than7%, and the organic solvent is environmental friendly. This formulation conquers the disadvantage of much organic solvent in the traditional EC formulations.

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