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Study on Pregnadien21-iodide Reaction

Author LinLin
Tutor LiPing
School Tianjin University of Technology
Course Medicinal Chemistry
Keywords steroid durg 17α-hydroxyl-pregnene-1,4,9-triene-3,20-dione iodide reaction oxidate
CLC TQ460.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The discovery and development of steroid drug brought pharmacochemistry into anew era. Steroid drug consist of corticosteroid and sex hormones, which is essential inclinic medicine. It regulates the metabolization and physiological action in vivo andcan be widely used in treating rheumatism, cardiovascular disease, collagenosis,Lymphocytic leukemia, bacterial encephalitis, transplantation of human organ,dermatosis, endocrine disorders and senile disease. Prednisolone is a kind ofadrenocortical hormone, which is mainly used in allergic, autoimmune, inflammatoryand collagen diseases. It has the advance in fast absorption, less side effects, highsensitivity and lower recurrence rate. More and more patient are benefited.In this thesis, yellow solid iodide was obtained from17α-hydroxyl-pregnene-1,4,9-triene-3,20-dione as raw material. IR,1HNMR, HRMS were adopt to characterizethe structure of product. Results showed that the iodide was21,21-diiodo-17α-hydro-xyl-pregnene-1,4,9-triene-3,20-dione, m.p.338-339℃.Considering its instability, HPLC method was adopt to test the condition of its storingin solid state and decomposition in methanol. Results showed that the decompositionrate was lower by storing in solid state and photophobism. Besides the traditionalmethod, we chose KClO3and NaClO as oxidant, HCl, H2SO4, H3PO4as acid media,forming the oxidant-acid media-iodine system in order to transform the I-into I2,saving the iodine. We get the optimum condition by reacting at different conditions onthe oxidant-acid media-iodine system. Results showed that when we chose NaClO asoxidant, H2SO4as acid media, reaction temperature510℃, reaction time30min andconcentration of sulphuric acid2%, conversion rate of I-was the highest-78.26%. Yield ofthe product is75.46%.Raw material iodine can be saved at40.00%.

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