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HNIW Based Polymer Bonded Explosive Structure and Properties of MD Simulation Study

Author DiZuo
Tutor WangJingYu; LuBin
School University of North
Course Safety Engineering
Keywords HNIW PBX molecular dynamics MD
CLC TQ560.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Insensitive booster as insensitive ammunition research is one of the key technologies, bydomestic and foreign researchers. Booster for ammunition reliability and security in systemplays a vital role and influence. From the United States and other military powers approvedfor use and a large number of booster explosive situation, show high energy is the future trendof booster, The main methods of Application of high energy density materials, explosives,such as HNIW, DNTF etc in order to improve the booster explosive energy levels; polyGlycidyl Azide Polymer used as a booster in the active bonding agent, plasticizer, in order toimprove the performance of booster; the introduction of molecular mixing among newtechnology, nanotechnology, molecular solid technology to reducing agent in the preparationprocess of the energy loss caused by the interface effect. In order to obtain the insensitive highexplosive medicine basic method, is to choose the high energy density materials as the mainexplosive, selective adsorption action strong, binding energy of the coating agent.This paper mainly through molecular dynamics ( MD ) simulation system simulation andcalculation to the polymer bonded explosive ( PBX ) of the series of various types ofcomposite material structure and properties. HNIW based polymer bonded PBX as anexample, through the" absorption coating" type MD simulation of polymer, binder and itsconcentration and temperature on the mechanical properties of PBX, the binding energy andexplosion performance; compare different binders by PBX balance structure, binding energy,mechanics and explosion properties of difference, compare and the choice of excellentperformance, good adhesive bonding effect. On Estane5703, EVA7350M and F2314and with HNIW molecular interaction are discussed, the binder is preferred. Using molecular dynamicssoftware DICOVER module, COMPASS force field, using quantum chemistry ( QM ) method,the results show that, three kinds of binder and E - HNIW binding to order: with HNIW /Estane5703 > HNIW / EVA7350M > e - E - HNIW / F2314, PBX system before and aftertreatment with HNIW molecular molecular structure did not produce big change.At the end of the booster with HNIW explores a variety of process conditions on thecoating effect, using aqueous suspension preparation prepared with the HNIW base booster.The results show that, the work of adhesion of the calculation results and the experimentalresults confirm that MD DSC method can preferably in conjunction with big, goodcompatibility of the binder.

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