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Mechanism Design and Structure Optimization of Pipe Racking Device

Author YangBaiGuang
Tutor LiFeng
School Jilin University
Course Mechanical Design and Theory
Keywords Drillpipe Racking Simulation Analysis Finite Element Analysis OptimizationDesign Dynamics
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Nowadays, the drilling technology based on the drilling platform is the mainmethod for the human beings to explore the deep parts of the earth, and it plays asignificant role in researching the geologic changes during thousands of years,searching for the scarce resources and studying on the composition of the strata.In order to serve the exploring of the deep parts better, the drilling technologyneeds to realize mechanization and automation comprehensively. For some reasons itoften needs to trip all the drillpipes repeatedly in drilling process, and at the same timeit involves racking lots of stands of drillpipe as well. Racking the stands of drillpipe isin a very important position in drilling process, so it plays a critical part in improvingefficiency of the whole drilling operation, shortening working time and reducingengineering cost. Therefore, realizing the mechanization and automation of rackingthe stands of drillpipe is the NO.1priority.Combining with the major project of Ministry of Land and Resources“Sinoprobe09-05”, the research of Pipe Racking Device is carried out. After collectingplenty of related data, reading many references and analyzing the advanced foreignproducts, this paper has done a carefully design, analysis and research on themechanized and automatic Pipe Racking Device. The tasks have been accomplishedare as following:(1)The transferring pattern of the stands of drillpipe between the well and theracking shelf is confirmed according to the basic functions the Pipe Racking Deviceneeds to realize and the preliminary conception of the tripping process. Because thestands need to keep vertical and moving horizontally in the transferring process, thetelescopic mechanism is a combination of a deformation mechanism of ellipsographand a four-bar parallelogram mechanism.(2)The force analysis is done on each bar of the simplified mechanism accordingto the actual conditions. The basic type of the mechanism adopts a combination of onepull rod, two booms and two tappet rods for its features. And the parameters of relatedpins and sections are determined via calculations. At last, the3D assembly model iscreated in CATIA software based on the work above.(3)The virtual prototype model of the Pipe Racking Device is created in ADAMSsoftware, and the simulation analysis of multi-rigid-body and rigid-flexible coupling has been carried out on the model under an extreme working condition respectively. Inthe simulation analysis of rigid-flexible coupling, there is serious vibration of thestands of drillpipe during transferring process, and there is also a deviation betweenthe final position and the ideal final position. The stiffness of the pull rod and thebooms is the main reason causing the problems after a further analysis.(4)The FEA is done on the assembly of Pipe Racking Device. The structure ofthe boom is modified preliminarily to enhance its strength and stiffness. Somegeometrical dimensions which have significant effect on the stiffness of the boom arechosen as the design variables of the optimization, Latin hypercube experimentaldesign is carried out to produce sample points, and then the Kriging surrogate modelof the mass and deformation is built. At last, in order to make the mass of the boomreach the minimum under the given stiffness, a optimization is done on the mass withgenetic algorithm based on the surrogate model.This paper has done a carefully research on the mechanized and automaticracking of the stands of drillpipe, the work has been completed provides valuablethought and reference for the design and analysis of the mechanized and automaticPipe Racking Device.

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