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Operating Parameters Optimization of Oil Production with Blending Liquid System in Shuguang Oil Field

Author HeBing
Tutor ZhaoRenBao; ZhangShouJun
School Northeast University of Petroleum
Course Oil and Gas Field Development Project
Keywords oil gathering and transportation with blending liquid system well stationring blending liquid parameters optimization
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Oil gathering and transportation system is the main part of the oilfield developmentsystems, while oil gathering and transportation with blending liquid system in wellhead ismainly the pipeline network of “pipeline—station”. Shuguang oil field mainly produce heavyoil and supper heavy oil. Oil gathering process of single well blending liquid is the mainprocess in the oilfield. It needs a large consumption of power and energy. That is the powerand energy cost of the system is the important part of the operation cost of the system. Themain factors which interact the power and energy of the system are blending liquid quantity,blending liquid temperature, pipeline length, pipeline diameter, liquid output of oil well, watercut and so on. So it is necessary to study the parameters of oil gathering and transportationwith blending liquid system,which can give optimal operation parameters and provide theminimal cost of the system.In this paper, the study object is from well head to transfer station of surface gatheringand transportation pipeline network. Based on the given layout network, parametersoptimization of oil gathering and transportation with blending liquid system has been studiedin the paper. A model of parameters optimal design of oil gathering and transportation withblending liquid system is established with minimal cost of the system as an objective function.This model is non-linear optimization and can be solved with conjugate direction methodcombined with golden section method. Secondly, optimal design applied programmer of oilgathering and transportation with blending liquid system with Visual Basic has beendeveloped.Lastly, it has applied in the two oil production stations of Shuguang oilfield and providedreasonable operation scheme. It can make operation cost reduce from8percent in practicalapplication. All of these can give a great help to optimal design of system and practicalmanagement.

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