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Drilling simulator for embedded and distributed control system based on Fieldbus Technology

Author HuHai
Tutor LiuGuiSong; ZhangHanYuan
School University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course Software Engineering
Keywords Drilling simulator embedded system field bus
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Oil industry is a technology-intensive industries, well drilling is one of theimportant means for oilfield to enhance their capacity. As production constraints ofdrilling and the Complexity of well, there are great risk of drilling production. In orderto obtain better productivity and economic efficiency, reduce man-made accidents,Technical skills training for the on-site drilling Operators and technicians become veryimportant. The key positions on drilling, for example-the driller, the captain and othertechnical skills training is a top priority for all training.Drilling Simulator is the role of training and examination for driller and drillingengineers. The traditional method of training and examination depends on the localoperation, the price is often a cut-off or several wells. Unable to properly andcontinuously carry out drilling and production, resulting in manpower, material,financial and equipment waste. Particularly in the training and examination period, asthe differences of familiarity with the equipment and other factors. The operatorappeared nervous and misuse improper operation, occurrence of ground andunderground accidents, causing great economic losses. Therefore, the cost of on-sitetraining is too high, and it is difficult to guarantee the safety of persons andequipment.The simulation training system of the drilling is free from influence of objectiveconditions, and greatly reduces the risks of misuse, So the system and operatingmechanism must first be same with the outdoor equipment, but the internal operatingmechanism, is design as a distributed control system, the operation on the student datacollection and analysis, to ensure same with the real equipment.In this context, this paper present various types of processors, embedded systemperformance and compare the scope of application, At the same time compared the mostcommonly used field bus communication technology. based on these data, the paperdesign of a distributed control system, using the embedded processor and field bustechnology, and ultimately achieve and applied to the drilling simulator system. Andthrough special measures in Hardware and software development, to achieve the protection of intellectual property rights on the system.

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