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Analysis of Mechanical Property with Key Componets on Job Machine of Wheel and Full-automatic with a Pressure of Petroleum

Author ZuNing
Tutor WangHui
School Liaoning Technical University
Course Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords Workover lifting frame Statics analysis Dynamics analysis ANSYS using Stableperformance Fatigue life Steering system
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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With the world today the rapid development of technology and society,Concern about theenergy problem, for example, the non-renewable energy resources-oil. How the oil resources inthe existing high-efficiency, low cost mining, which is the country’s construction andevelopmentof the future has important significance and role. Therefore, automatic vehicle-mounted machinewith a pressure oil operations in this area has played a key engineering construction application.In this paper, machine oil operations in the oil rig, for example, in-depth and systematic study ofthe main oil rig derrick parts in static analysis and dynamic analysis of the vehicle under steadyperformance.We combined the modern world of domestic and foreign oil operations the use of workerrig conditions, combined with its design of a derrick system. Use of the ANSYS finite elementanalysis software, comprehensive vehicle-mounted automatic operation with pressure oil workerrig features and actual field conditions in the application of finite element analysis to establishthe mechanical model and to carry out a static analysis, dynamic analysis, stability analysis. Andon this basis to calculate the frequency of the derrick structure and mode, and excessive oilderrick in the role of external load at all stages of the deformation state, and finally the stabilityof the vehicle and meet the requirements.On the electronic control system and hydraulic control system performance is analyzed inorder to better understand the petroleum operations in the field worker rig control under actualconditions to solve the practical problems in engineering applications. And both the structure andworking principle are described, for the direction of oil operations in the future play a littlewindow dressing on the development of the reference value.

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