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Kid’s Teacher’s Occupation Approves a Research

Author LiLiNa
Tutor YuShengMei
School Guangzhou University
Course Education and management of
Keywords Kid’ s teacher Approve Occupation approves Counterplan
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The kid teacher’s occupation approbation is a kid teacher’s understanding toward his occupation, emotion and technical ability, value and expectation and synthesizing of occupation will, it is a kind of aggressive attitude that has something to do with occupation of kid’s teacher’s individual. Is domestic and international currently the occupation approves to the teachers of the research be still placed in a beginning stage, the occupation concerning kid’s teacher approves more rarely seen.Already the existence research concept defines not and definitely, study a method heavy the quality lightly measure sex etc. shortage. This research just approves a research to carry on to domestic and international kid’s teacher’s occupation synthesize analytical foundation up, make use of the research path that the quality combines together with quantity, pass a cultural heritage analysis, open type questionnaire and combine an interview, to teacher occupation approbation of present condition and it changed in the individual background the difference of measuring the top to carry on a research.Synthesize this research result, get if draw a conclusion:1, kid’s teacher’s occupation approves total level at present not high, and the performance level of each factor of the occupation approbation of kid teacher unbalance, among them incumbency industry understanding the factor was worth last cent tallest, get a goal on the incumbency industry will factor lowest.2, not kid’s teacher’s occupation of of an age approves existence to show Zhao difference. In the various factor, the occupation will factor difference is the most obvious.3, the dissimilarity teach kid’s teacher’s occupation of age how to approve existence to show Zhao difference. Teaching kid’s teacher’s occupation of age how to approve is the tallest for 4-6 years.4, kid’s teacher’s occupation of different educational background level approve existence to show the difference of Zhao very much. The kid teacher’s occupation approbation degree of Master’s educational background is lowest.5, Mr. does a kid the park and private kid teacher Yuan’s incumbency industry approves of the existence of degree show Zhao difference.6, the occupation of different wage rate and different wages satisfaction kid’s teacher approve existence to show Zhao difference.The wages satisfaction is more high, the kid teacher’s occupation approbation degree is more high. 7, the dissimilarity choose kid’s teacher’s occupation of industry motive to approve existence to show Zhao difference.Proceeding from kid’s teacher’s occupation of ego worthy realization approbation degree is the tallest.On the foundation of research, passed analysis to put forward to homologously promote kid teacher occupation approbation of strategy. Pass enlargement to educate devotion first kid’s teacher’s wage rate and wages satisfaction is with the exaltation, and promote the professional image of kid’s teacher with exaltation the path of kid’s teacher’s occupation reputation, raise kid’s teacher’s social status, attain end exaltation kid teacher occupation approbation of purpose. Put forward secondly have already aimed at sex ground kid’s teacher’s training that develops different occupation career;And the strict pair of kid teacher goes into a job motive pass and stirs up the counterplan of incumbency the aggressive occupation motive of kid’s teacher. The end sets out from the individual and analyze because of, actively introspect and adjust, work well the counterplan of occupation career planning.

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