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The Relationship Between Emotion Regulation and Mental Health of Junior High School Students

Author YueYinYing
Tutor ZhaoHuiLi
School Qinghai Normal
Course Developmental and Educational Psychology
Keywords Junior high school students Emotion regulation Mental health
CLC G444
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Emotional refers to people in some objective of environmental things and objects by the attitude experience, is the most basic emotions phenomenon, but also a significant influence to success in life the non-intellectual factors. Emotional adjustment is a complex psychological process, is a dynamic, organized, functionalization of cognitive process, we can from cognitive, behavior, language and physiological aspects of emotional adjusted. Not only to the negative emotions are adjusted to sexual mood but also certain regulation. Emotional adjustment on emotional health has an important meaning, individual many values all need in work, maintain effective, reflect individual creativity can exert the work, people need to work to keep a persistent attention and interest, to avoid distractions, need individual conduct regular first attention emotional adjustment. Good mood regulation promote individual mental health, many clinical theory (for example psychoanalytic theory) emphasizes to adjust mood impulse. Research shows that use cognitive strategies can slow down the bad influence to people anxiety. Bad mood regulation or emotional disorders are the main cause of psychological pathology.Emotional self adjusting is to promote mental health, one of the important ways of adjusting way including control regulation, expected adjustment and exploratory regulation. Emotional adjustment is individual adapt to the society and maintain mental health important mechanism, help maintain stable psychological health, good mood regulation promote mental health, bad mood regulation can destroy mental health.By a questionnaire survey and experimental method to two middle schools in xinzheng city of junior to grade 9 564 students’ emotional adjustment mode and mental health relationship, has carried on the questionnaire survey research on its 328 student experiment research, by using correlation analysis and variance analysis analyzes the statistical methods, the results show that:1. emotion regulation of junior high school students mental health way has remarkable influence. Emotional adjustment way and mental health, there are high and related cognitive re-evaluation exist with anxiety and depression, high related cognitive re-evaluation and interpersonal relations and express inhibit and interpersonal relations, anxiety, depression are not significant correlation. Research results show that emotional adjustment way for mental health has certain effect, but not with the mental health exist completely positive correlation.2. the junior high pupil in cognitive heavy judge on gender differences exist significant differences in expression and grade are significantly inhibit the gender differences, but no significant difference in grade. And the related experimental intervention results show that emotion regulation of junior middle school students in a way of improving sensations, feelings, thinking, behavior and habits, interpersonal relationship, diet sleep aspects of mental health symptoms have greatly improved.Accordingly, this study suggests that develop the psychology class in school, improve the emotional adjustment methods and to increase the level of junior high school students mental health has a very great help; Teachers should more realize emotional adjustment and mental health tightness, both emotional control is provided to the students, learn to dissolve from all sides pressure and emotional distress and stimulate the students’ study enthusiasm and initiative and make them growing up healthy and strong!

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