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Research on Wu Junsheng’s Philosophy Thought of Education

Author LiLiZhu
Tutor YuWei
School Northeast Normal University
Course Principles of Education
Keywords Wu Junsheng Philosophy of edueation Foundation Core Thoughts
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Since On the Philosophy of education outline had been published in china in 1935, Wu Junsheng’s philosphy thoughts began introduced into China’s Philosophy of education.Because of Philosophy of education outline’s Repeatedly publishing, it played a crucial role for the establishment and development of the Philosophy of education which was a new discipline in China.But because of some reasons of history and political, Wu Junsheng’s philosphy thoughts hadn’t cause enough attention since the founding of New China. Therefore,it is neeessary for us to rethink Wu junsheng’s Philosophy thoughts of education.Understanding its forming process,social culture foundation,education practical foundation and educational theoretical foundation clearly.Examin rationally of the philosophy of education’s core ideas, characteristics, influence and limitations. This not only helps us to understand the period of the republic of China’s philosophy of education history accurately,but also to help us to seek the more correct and rational for theoretical and ideological source for our country’s philosophy of education in the future development.In specific,this paper includes some parts as follows.Firstlly, the paper has traeed the produce,formation and development of Wu Junsheng’s philosophy thoughts of edueation.We take a historical perspective to analyze the produce,formation and development of Wu Junsheng’s philosophy thoughts of edueationon the basis of understanding of Wu Junsheng’s life and education alaetivities.Secondly,the paper has explored the foundation of Wu Junsheng’s philosophy thoughts of education in the aspects of soeial cultural foundation, edueational practical foundation and educational theoretical foundation. Wu Junsheng’s philosophy thoughts of education as the individual form of philosophy thought of education, was the thinking of the education practice and education state under that social cultural environment. So, under this process, it must be influence deeply by the predecessor’s education thought and theory.Thirdly,the paper has explained the core thoughts of Wu Junsheng’s philosophy of edueation. The core thoughts of Wu Junsheng’s philosophy of education have included four specific contents as follows:(l) Clearing philosophy of education’s research direction, establishing philosophy of education’s independence status ;(2) Discussing the basic issue of philosophy of education; (3) Proposeing the“Ordinary philosophy”; (4) Establishing the three people’s principles guiding ideology.Fourthly,the paper has studied the comments of Wu Junsheng’s philosophy thoughts of edueation. By studying and analyzing Wu Junsheng’s philosophy thoughts of edueation , we find that it has systematical, basic problems一concerned,inherent tensional and harmonious characters. Wu Junsheng’s philosophy of edueation have influenced the discipline system construction and practice of education in China. However, Wu Junsheng’s philosophy thoughts of education also have lacked for conseious attention toward to the original of China’s philosophy of education, falled into“philosophy to education”deductive predicament and trouble of eclectieism.Inaddition,the article also has carded the chronicle of Wu Junsheng’s life events, the compiles of Wu Junsheng’s ademiework. We hope that these appendixes would provide more detailed researching data for future researehing activities.

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