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Preparation of Perfluorosulfonated Ion-Exchanged Membrane by Solution Steel Belt Casting Method

Author HuoRanHui
Tutor YuanHuiLin
School Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Course Materials Science and Engineering
Keywords perfluorosulfonated ion-exchanged resin(PESIER) perfluorosulfonated ion-exchanged membrane(PFSIEM) low boilingpoint solvents high boiling point solvents steel belt casting castingmembrane
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Perfluorosulfonated ion-exchanged membrane(PFSIEM) is famousfor its excellent mechanical properties,physical properties, chemicalproperties and electrochemical stability, with an unparalleled advantageof other materials because of its perfluorinated structure and uniquefunction of ion-exchanged. It is widely used in fuel cells, chlor-alkaliindustry, water electrolysis and other electrochemical field, it is the keycore material to the development of the clean energy required for thefuture.Using a steel belt casting machine to prepare the Perfluorosulfonatedion-exchanged membrane(PFSIEM) which is the innovation of thisexperiment, it is a new attempt of solution casting method for PFSIEMpreparation methods. The traditional melt extrusion method is suitable forcontinuous production, but the products need to transformation. Ionicproducts can be directly obtained by using solution casting method, butthe process is more complicated.PFSIEM is prepared by using sulotion steel belt casting method in this experimental, the preparation of different concentrations ofPerfluorosulfonated ion-exchanged resin(PFSIER) solution, preparationof membrane fluid and casting process were researched respectively.PFSIER is dissolved by using low boiling point solvent of ethanol andpropanol and PFSIER solution is gained, determine the time ofdissolution and temperature of dissolution, different concentrations ofPFSIER solution can be prepared; Membrane fluid is prepared by usingfive high boiling point solvent respectively, which are N-N dimethylformamide (DMF), ethylene glycol (EG), N-methyl pyrrolidone (NMP),1,2-propylene glycol, dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO). And determine theamount of different high boiling point solvent, The effect of dryingtemperature and drying time on the membrane fluid was researched;Determine the best technology of steel belt casting; The effect of castingtime and casting temperature on the PFSIEM was studied.Test the hydration properties, dimensional stability and mechanicalproperties of the PFSIEM which is already preparation success.

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