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Static and Dynamic Characteristics Analysis of SF33900Electric Wheel Dump Truck Based on Multi-body Dynamics

Author QiuZengHua
Tutor GuZhengQi; LiangXiaoBo
School Hunan University
Course Vehicle Engineering
Keywords Electric wheel dump truck Dynamics Strength analysis Modelanalysis
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the sustained rapid development of economy, demands of domestic coaland ferrous and nonferrous metal rise dramatically, which leads to the constructionof a new round of open pit mine large-scale investment, and the exploitation of openpits have been expanding for large tonnage increasing demand for electric wheeldump truck, which towards to the series, large, exchange of direction. Electricwheel dump truck set mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and other high technology inone, is a major reflects of the ability of technology and equipment for a industrialcountries, and only a few countries including U.S. have the capacity of developmentand make the implementation of China’s strict technical blockade.Those are key problems that knowing the stress of vehicle’s key parts, judgingwhether the intensity of large bearing structure meets the requirements andanalyzing whether vehicle resonance occurs, which should be solved during theproduct development process. Because of high cost and long cycle by road test, ithas important theoretical significance and application value to research dynamicproperties, structure strength and whole model properties of dump truck through thevirtual simulation technology, ensuring product development quality and shorteningthe development cycle.This paper mainly studied the content including:1. Vehicle dynamics simulation model was established in ADAMS, simulated onseveral common working conditions. According to simulation results, it was studiedon the force of whole model and some key parts, confirming that the vehicleperformance basically meets the requirements.2. According to some extreme conditions, such as potholes convex platform andturn braking, the key components of this vehicle was did vehicle strength analysis,combining dynamics simulation results, so as to ensure some key parts of this tipperwith electric wheels has certain intense safety tolerance.3. Established finite element model for model analysis, obtaining the vehiclefrequency and vibration model in the first30orders. From the results, the naturalfrequency of this vehicle is not in the common rotational speed vibration frequencyrange, meaning that it will not appear resonance vibration.

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