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Rearche on Foam Dust Control Techenology in Mine Heading Roadway

Author ChenTengFei
Tutor HeQiLin
School Anhui University of Technology
Course Safety Technology and Engineering
Keywords Rock roadway Foam dust control technology Foaming agent sprinkler Vesicant Dust control efficiency
CLC TD714.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The large amount of dust generated in the coal production process not only seriously harm the health of workers, which can cause pneumoconiosis, and a lot of dust is explosive under certain conditions, which makes the normal work of the mine and safety of mining under serious threat. The spray dedusting technique is mainly used in mine dust reduction method.But low efficiency, high water consumption and nozzle blockage is the disadvantage of the technology.Since the1950s, foam dust is one of the new and effective dust control methods, but so far the research in this field is also thorough enough, its application is not wide enough.Therefore,this paper conducted a comprehensive study of theories and techniques of foam dust,and makes a series of achievements about analyzing the mechanism of foam dust and the development of foam dust agent and foaming device research and downhole applications.In order to achieve the purpose of efficient dust,the paper uses improved ROSS-Miles method and water film flotation method for more than10kinds of monomer activator compound, and formulates foam expansion and wetting properties of the foam liquid. We can construct the foam dust removal system in the laboratory, through the simulation of the scene actual situation to provide the experimental data for the field application.The foaming dust control mechanism and the mixing ratio requirements of the foam dust remove were analyzed and the simulation model experiments were applied to study and develop the test develop the structure and performance of the foam generator. The experimental showed that under the certain conditions of foaming, the optimum relationship between the foaming quantity, foaming pressure and liquid supply quantity was found with the experiment.Under a certain liquid supply quantity,the foaming quantity would be increased with the foaming preasure increased and the optimum air preasure would be0.4-0.5Mpa;Under the certain foaming presure,he foaming quantity would be increased with the liquid supply quantity increased.When the supply value reached to the certain value,he foaming quantity woule not be increased.at this moment,when the liquid supply quantity was still increased,the residual liquid in the foaming gerator would be increased The site experoment showed that dust contorl efficiency of the dust control technology would be good,the full dust collected rate would be75%and the density of dust in the mine roadway could be effectively reduced.

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