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Research on Welding Deformation Control of the Hydraulic Support Beam

Author MengXiaoHui
Tutor FangChenFu
School Jiangsu University of Science and Technology
Course Materials Processing Engineering
Keywords hydraulic support Q690steel TANDEM double wire welding welding joint welding performance
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Hydraulic support is the main equipment of fully-mechanized mining face, besideshydraulic components, its main body parts are basically box type welding structure withquite complex shape. Therefore, welding is the major processing technology of hydraulicsupport products.The top beam and cover beam are two key components of Hydraulic support, the mainfunction of top beam is to undertake roof rock and load of coal, repeatedly support top-coaland have crushing effect to harder top-coal, provide enough safe space to actual mining; themain function of cover beam is to undertake level component and yawing force of apicalplate, in order to enhance the anti-wrest performance of the support.The welding of High-end hydraulic support beams of stiffened plate and baseplate hasa large proportion in the entire top beam welding workload accounting. The existingwelding production mode in hydraulic support beams of stiffened plate and baseplate is tochange vertical board point-like into grid structure in order to restrain strongly, and then usemanual MAG welding. So welding production efficiency is low, the environment of weldingis bad, the welders are intensity, the stability of product quality is poor. High-end hydraulicsupport automation welding production line project will make stiffened plate and baseplatepoint-like and then use the TANDEM double wire welding process, thus greatly improve thewelding efficiency and welding automation level. Because there is no restriction ofclapboard during welding, it will inevitably lead to deformation of stiffened plate andbaseplate. So based on Z106beam used Q690steel plates, first use ANSYS simulationdeformation of stiffened plate and baseplate in TANDEM double wire welding, thesimulation results and the practical measurement data results are mainly the same; UseTANDEM double wire welding method and control deformation when welding ribbed slaband baseboard, through the use bed-jig can control the deformation between ribbedslab;Use the TANDEM double wire welding to weld Q690steel plate and analyse the weldline mechanics experiments and organization; At the same time compare the TANDEMdouble wire welding with GMAW double wire welding, The results showed that, comparedwith GMAW double-wire welding process, the weld under the TANDEM welding hashigher strength, narrower HAZ, thinner grain, smaller deformation and higher weldingefficiency.to determine the feasibility and deformation control scheme of TANDEM double wire welding weld stiffened plate and apical plate.

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