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Multi-domain Modeling Research for High Speed System of Motorized Shaft

Author ChengHanBing
Tutor WangShuTing
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Mechanical Engineering
Keywords Multi-domain modeling Motorized shaft Unified model Couplingsimulation analysis
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Motorized Shaft of High Speed is a large and complex system which includes thermal,mechanical and electric systems. Coupling of large numbers of system parameters inMotorized Shaft system makes the design process very complex. Modeling and simulation onMotorized Shaft system can eliminate many of the design iterations and improve theperformance of products. However, the modeling process of traditional modeling methods andsoftware is cockamamie and the reuse capability of model is bad, thus cannot meet the needsof modeling and simulation on Motorized Shaft system.Motorized Shaft, with the virtue of high precision, low power consumption and goodreliability, is a vital part of numerical control machine. Building its multi-domain model basedon Modelica can not only lend support to design of motorized shaft used in numerical controlmachine, but also provide new tools for modeling and simulation of motorized shaft. Basedon the feature and simulation of requirements of motorized shaft system, this paper realizesthe modular and object-orient modeling with Modelica and gives analysis to the simulationresults.In this thesis,we give a comprehensive analysis of the high speed Motorized shaft,Motorized shaft is divided into four modules, Analysis of the mathematical model of eachsubsystem and their inter-coupling, Build the multi-domain model of every subsystem and theinterface of subsystems use modelica language.The feasibility and effectiveness of themulti-domain model about motoeized shaft system are verfied by compared the simulationresults of temperature and thermal deformation characteristics with the experimental results. Thesimulation model have a guiding significance about the design of new motorized shaft.The simulation model based on Modelica has distinct structure and is comprehensible toother users. It also has commonality and can be reused. All this virtues show that theModelica is suitable to the simulation of large, complex systems especially systems that callfor coupling of mechanical, electrical and control systems

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